I started off sugary, sweet and very saturated, now that I have lost all those qualities I'm left with something which starts to look a little more like me. It's a never-ending process of change.
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Thursday, 21 March 2013

21st of March 2013 Outfit of the Day

First day of spring today!!
Such event deserves a decent colourful outfit, regardless of the weather behind the window!

Today I wore (staring from the bottom):
River Island Navy flats with gold details, these are in size 5 (£23)
TopShop JAMIE Jeans, W26 L30 size 8 (I think these were about £30)
TopShop floral top, size 8 (gift)
Zara coral jacket, size xs (£30'ish)
And mint ribbon as a hair band!

Hope you liked this ootd!
Enjoy your first day of spring!

Cloud x

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