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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Barry M Lip Paints

Okay so today I'm reviewing a requested Barry M's lip Paints!
Lets jump right into the review!

Barry M lip paints aren't really popular, I don't see any YouTubers, bloggers or beauty fanatics taking about these, they're missing out so much!
Overall Barry M are such a high quality brand! They're affordable, their products are highly pigmented and they don't test on animals!

Onto the lipsticks! I own 3 (100, 54, 129).
And so far I had great experience with them. In UK they retail at £4.49 which for a great quality lipstick is a bargain!

I'd rate these with 7 lemon points:
Fabulous points:
Lip paints are highly pigmented,
Only one coat will provide you with a nice opaque coloured lip,
Range of colours is exceptional from baby pinks to navy or even green,
Really affordable,
Stays on for good 3-4 hours,
Easy to apply,
Has a nice creamy texture,
And the packaging reminds me a little of Nars packaging it's just nice, simple and classic black!

Not so exceptional points:
The biggest issue for me is the naming it's really confusing, because on the bullet they put a sticker with 2 numbers and only the top one is the actual number of the shade. However when I look in the catalogue all the lipsticks have proper names eg. Vibrant pink, pink suede. I don't see why can't they just put a sticker with an actual name of the lipstick on the bullet? Imagine someone asking you what lipstick are you wearing and you say "oh it's number 388" it's just not very rememberable.
Another point is finishes, mac has lustre, matt, satin etc even Revlon or other drugstore brands divide their lipsticks into finished. Barry m doesn't do that, which is quite silly considering they do different finishes (glossy, semi-matte, matte) they just chuck it all into the box of lip paints.
And lastly, the smell it doesn't bother me that much but I can't resist but say that Barry M's lip paints smell so like play-dough!

I'm so recommending these, the naming is a little of a pain but the lipsticks itself are really great!
Lately new collection came out called "Ultra moisturising Lip Paint" so I'll definitely be reviewing these as soon as I'll get them!

Thank you, and I hope you've enjoyed this!

Cloud x

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