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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Barry M Textured Nail Paint

Never done a nail varnish review before,
Apparently there's a first time for everything.
Lets get into this then!

Unfortunately the nail varnish (or nail paint as Barry M likes to call it) I'll be talking about today is probably the most tragical and disgraceful nail varnish I've ever used. I'm so sorry for the dramatic introduction, but honestly I'm just so not impressed. And I've tried so hard to be "friends" with this nail varnish.

Anyway I'm going to give this product 4 lemon points.
I'll start with the negative aspects first, because there's more of these.

Disappointing points:
It chips like mad after few hours of applying, it doesn't matter whether you've used base and top coat,
You need 3 to 4 coats to get the colour that's on the bottle, on your nails,
Takes bloody ages to dry out,
The "textured" part looks like your have pieces of dirt and evil things on your nails covered with a layer of cheap nail varnish,
It's so hard to get rid of (even worse than to remove glitter nail varnishes),
And the brush is totally not designed for the purpose, it's very tiny.

Good points:
The colour range is so pretty and cute for spring,
Well done for the though and concept, it's a great idea but definitely needs more improvement,
It doesn't stain the nail if you'd use it without the base coat?
And Barry M varnishes are really affordable!

I'm so sorry if this is like your favourite nail varnish ever and you feel like in offending you. Those are my thoughts, if you feel like I may be doing something wrong please do let me know! Because I'd really love to love this product and right now it's just not happening haha.

Warning, there's a picture of ugly chipped nail varnish (mentioned above) on my toes which I wore for about 48 hours now.
Doesn't look great does it :(

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