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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Benefit Lemon-Aid

The name of this caught my eye straight away! Come on, it has the word lemon in it.. So based just on the name I bought this and here's my review!

Benefit describes this products as "colour-correcting eyelid primer", I think they've got the first two words or the description right and then it all just went wrong. Whatever way you wouldn't use it or look at it, it isn't an eyelid primer.
It doesn't hold the eyeshadow in place, it doesn't make the colour more vibrant.. It just simply isn't an eyelid primer.
BUT with that said I've found a better use for this product, a colour-correcting concealer! And seriously it's brilliant for such purpose. I do get some redness every now and then, and sort of blue'ish under eye darkness.. Lemonade makes then varnish instantly.
I'm totally in love with lemon-aid, but they so got the description wrong!

Onto the final score, I'm going to give Lemon-Aid 7 lemon points!

Great points:
It's nice smooth and creamy texture,
Easy to blend in,
Makes any redness or discolouration varnish,
Great for light to medium skin tones,
Sets itself without the need of putting powder over it,
For a good concealer that I'd call Lemon-Aid it retails at £16.50 which I'd co deride as a pretty good price,
A little goes a long way, make sure not too apply too much otherwise it may look unnatural!

Not so fabulous points:
As I said Benefit totally got the description wrong, it's most certainly not an eyelid primer at all,
It only comes in one shade which wouldn't be suitable for darker skin,
Also which it's unscented which is a massive letdown for me, because I'm not a fan of unscented makeup products.
Wish it could smell of lemons..

So that's Lemon-Aid for you guys!

Cloud x

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