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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Benefit They're Real Mascara

Today I though why not talk about one of my holy grail makeup products?
There is quite a few of those to mention, for this post I chose to talk in depth about one of Benefits iconic now product; They're Real Mascara!

I love this makeup product to bits although I think they're going a bit to mental with the advertisement, obviously no mascara is going to make your lashes look as if they were fake. That's why they still sell them, logic.

When I buy mascara I look for light for formulation, nice brush to separate my lashes and something which is genuinely easy to get rid of.. If a mascara ticks all the boxes plus has some extras, well that makes it just perfect.

I'm going to give this great, great product with 7 lemon points!

Great points:
The brush in this mascara is big enough to spread the product evenly on the upper lashes, yet still so well designed to be able to apply product easily on lower lashes too,
It doesn't have that nasty smell, which mascaras often have,
It's so easily to remove,
Stays in place all day,
Doesn't dry off and fall out of your lashes,
It separates and lengthens even the smallest lashes,
It lasts for a good 2-3 months!

Not so fabulous points:
It only comes in one colour, which is great if you're not into colourful mascaras, bug brown would be nice too (shall we send a petition to Benefit),
Again it's on a highend price range(you may be sick of me buying expensive makeup and then moaning its expensive, but I do love the product just not the price as much),
You need to be very careful with making sure the lid is properly screwed on, it only needs a couple of hours to dry out completely.

And that would be about it really,
I suppose the "not so fabulous points" aren't really that bad.
It's just some of the things that could be improved, but overall I'm so in love.

Hope you liked this!!!

Love y'all,
Cloud x

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