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Saturday, 9 March 2013

CHANEL Highlighter (Limited Edition Spring Collection)

The moment everyone have been waiting for, review of CHANEL Highlighter from their new Limited Edition which here in UK retails for £46 and you get 8g of product.

Okay so just a quick story why I bought this. About 2 months ago I happen to be in Selfridges and the design as well as shade of this highlighter very much brought my attention. I decided to have little swatch and oh my days it was love from the first sight; it's not just the colour or pretty design, my fingers almost melted (in a good way) into the consistency of this product. It's powder, but it feels like the kind of powder ancient Gods would use. I could happily imagine Venus walking around Rome with her fabulous highlighter on. Honestly.
Can't believe me it took me 2 months to get it, but it's finally all mine.
Now onto the review!

I give this highlighter 8 lemon points! That's right..I almost can't say a bad thing about this, almost.

Fabulous points:
Can be used on EVERY skin tone (because its not silver nor gold its a mixture of all different reflective shades it can be used on any skin tone,
Applying highlighter never was so pleasurable (it gives your face instant radiance, even without wearing any makeup you can brighten up your face just with this one product),
Because how fine this product is you can use it under your eyes to brighter up that area or just build it up into desired highlight,
The packaging and design is so beautiful you almost don't want to use it not to ruin this gorgeous logo,
Thanks to invisible to human eye light reflexive particles this highlighter catches the light like nothing else,
Stay power is impressive (I've swatched this highlighter on the tips of my fingers about 2 hours ago, already washed my hands couple of times and its still there!),
Could be used as an eyeshadow, paired up with a neutral shades to create beautiful shade,
And most importantly it blends to the skin so you don't know where does it start and where does it finish creating natural highlight.

Not so fabulous points:
It's a high end product so it does have quite a big price tag stuck to it, however if you're on the market for a great great highlighter, this is most certainly worth investing in,
Also it's limited edition and from taking to the Chanel lady I know they're just on about to sell the last few of those.. when it's gone, it's gone.

Hope this was helpful!
Cloud x

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