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Friday, 22 March 2013

Collection 2000 24hour Extreme Felt Tip Liner

Since I've ran out of my Mac gel liner, I mean it dried out, I went on a hunt for some drug-store eyeliners and I came back home with two!
One of them being a replacement for my Mac gel liner and other felt tip liner.
Today we'll cover the felt tip one.
Let me just say that I've never been keen on those felt tip liners, I though they weren't really pigmented and didn't go on smoothly.. My views have changed.

I'm going to give this collection 2000 eyeliner 9 lemon points, 9 lemon points!

Good points:
It's only £2.99 !
It goes on so smoothly,
Ridiculously easy to apply,
Easy to remove,
Stays on for a good all work day (I don't wear makeup for 24h so I can't check you on this one),
It comes in a variety of colours, I'll be definitely purchasing more of these,
Doesn't irritate the eyes,
It doesn't have that horrible harsh scent, eyeliners often have,
And it goes over eyeshadow very nicely, it doesn't flick off at all whilst on eyeshadow.

Only not so great point is that the black isn't like a jet black, it has an ashy tone to it, but for the price and amazing quality it is I couldn't care less!
Overall highly, highly recommended drugstore felt tip eyeliner.

Hope you've enjoyed this!!
Cloud x

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