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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Dior Hydra Life BB Cream

Another holy grail of mine, Dior Hydra Life BB Creme. Absolutely brilliant product.

I know a lot of people have an issue with the colour. Which now isn't a problem since Dior made another 2 shades. I have the versatile one which came out first and I as a very pale person find it possible to blend.
The secret is not to use a lot.
The point of BB Cremes or Creams is to use a little bit, just to even out the skin tone. Using it as a foundation and building it up for the sake of coverage is the worse thing you can do with bb Cremes.
BB products aren't designed to have heavy or even medium coverage. It's the kind of product you wear when you want something light, but effective. And that's exactly what Dior created.

I'd score this BB Creme with 9 lemon points!
Here's good&bad points..

Great points:
Because of the neutral tone of this product it evens out any redness or darkness on the skin,
Formulation is very light,
It's kind to the skin, if your skin is irritated it won't make it worse,
Gives you just enough light coverage to make you feel confident, yet feel like you aren't wearing anything at all,
It has a beautiful floral'ish scent,
Packaging is very handy and it comes with a nice pump (I only need 2-3 pimps for the whole of my face),
Since Dior brought up another 2 shades everyone can find one which suits them best,
It's so so so extremely moisturising
also has SPF 30 protects your skin like nothing else!

Not so fabulous points:
In UK it retiles for £41 which is the equivalent to about 6 drug store bb creams, not a bargain.

I think it's a great highend product which is most certainly worth taking close look at!

Cloud x

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