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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Essie Nail Varnishes!

We covered some of my beauty holy grails , but how about the nails?
There's not much to say, because when it comes to painting my nails there's only one word "Essie".

During my life time I have never used better nail varnishes than those Essie makes. I absolutely love them, and they're so worth the £7.99 they retail for in UK.

I'm scoring Essie nail products with amazing 9 lemon points!!
I'm totally all over these varnishes <3

Fabulous points:
Even when layered ridiculous amount of times they dry out very quickly (I hate waiting for nail varnishes to dry for ages),
They're so so long lasting yet so easy to remove,
Because of the light yet intense formulation they don't chip,
Colour range is so pretty and unique,
Essie is always coming up with some new limited edition colours and finishes, so I'm always at the counter checking out their new collections,
Often one layer is enough to get nice opaque colour,
The brush you get in these is just perfect, with one stroke you paint your whole nail,
Also they don't have that strong scent that a lot of people get irritated by.

Not so great point:
Even though I've said before they're worth their price, it's a shame that boots or other drug stores never do any deals on them or such..

Let me know what your thoughts are on Essies nail varnishes!!

Cloud x

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