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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Favourite Mac Lipsticks in Plums/Reds

Who doesn't love Mac lipsticks, come on!
Today I'll be sharing with you some of my favourite Mac reds/plums (I have plenty more, but these stand out for me the most).

Okay so I'm going to go along with the picture posted below, staring from the bottom:
Ruby Woo (Matte) intense, iconic red with think consistency,
Dubonnet (Amplified) dark red with a hint of brown,
Lady Danger (Matte) bright screaming red with a hint of orange,
M.A.C Red (Satin) beautiful universal red suitable for all skin tones,
Diva (Matte) deep cheery shade with a hint of brown,
Dark Side (Amplified) purple'y red with a shiny finish,
Media (Satin) cold toned burgundy colour with a slight blue undertone,
Rebel (Satin) rich pinky purple,
Dramatic Encounter (Amplified Creme) Limited Edition Deep browny burgundy with a blue undertone,
Cyber (Satin) very dark purple almost black,
Amorous (Satin) Mauve'ish plum colour.

Okay so these are whole lot from the picture below.
Let me just mention that all of these shades look beautiful on all skin tones and have very strong stain power which means they can be used very light handed or builded into very bold look.

Hope you liked it :)


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