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Friday, 22 March 2013

First impressions! Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipsticks

Yay!! So those Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipsticks have finally been released in UK a couple of days ago!

I've been looking forward to trying these for ages, and I finally got a chance.
So these cost £8.99 here in UK in colours "Designer" and "Trendsetter". As Revlon says the main feature of these lipstick would be the long-lasting, food/drink proof formula. On the website it says the lipstick supposed to stay on for about 16 hours, I've been testing "Trendsetter" today for you for 10 hours.
And I've been taking picture every 3 hours.

1. 9am the product went on very beautifully, I haven't applied any primer just to see how long-lasting would it be without it.

2. 12pm I haven't eaten at that point so the colour still looks intense and pretty, however the insides of my lips have clearly rejected the product creating a strong line.

3. 3pm So I had some lunch and my lips felt really dry so I applied a little bit if Chapstick at the top. As you can see the colour has gradually started to varnish

4. 6pm At this point my lips were really dry again so I've reapplied some Chapstick.
Even though the colour has significantly faded, the stain has remained.

Right now it's been 10 hours and my lips look exact the same as on the last picture.

I'm happily going to give these 8 lemon points!

Because there's only 2 bad points I'll bring that one up first, basically it's just the silly informations Revlon is giving you.
This is by far the longest lipstick I've ever used, but saying that it's going to last for 16h it's just ridiculous.
Also Revlon states as this lipstick is very moisturising, which is true guy only for about an hour. Have your Chapstick handy ladies, because you'll need some to put over it in order to keep your lips feeling nice and soft!

So GREAAAAT points:
Beautiful light formulation, which doesn't feel heavy on the skin,
Very, very, very long lasting (indulging eating and drinking I'd say you're safe to aware it for about 4-6 hours which is amazing, I also think it's quite higenic to reapply it after such amount of time),
Range of colours is exceptional, theres something for every skin tone,
Highly pigmented,
Packed with great stain power,
No need for primer,
Only one coat needed to get the opaque bold lip,
Also very quick and easy to apply!

I'm so impressed with these and I'll be definitely repurchasing more!
I think they're amazing, just wish Revlon could be more down to Earth with their descriptions!

So we came to an end of my first ever "first impressions" post!
Hope you've enjoyed this!

Cloud x

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