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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Jeffrey Campbell Flats

As promised (on Instagram) I'm doing a quick post just to talk about Jeffrey Campbell flats, just in case any of you guys are thinking about purchasing them is good to know a little more if you're to spend that much amount of money on shoes!

So when it comes to JC flats I own two pairs, one are original red flat Jeffrey Campbell's with silver spikes and the others are JC Plays which are also Jeffrey Campbell's but sporty version and whose are black sneakers on quite a thick platform with silver spikes on.
I'm not too sure about the exact models and prices of these, because my mum got me both of these. I know she got the JC Play ones from TK MAXX for about £50 it so, I'm not 100% about the red ones.

Personally I think they're great, the quality it these shoes is really really high.
However the sizing on platforms may be tricky, I'm size 4.5 UK which is about 37.5/38 in Europe, and I got these platforms in size 5 which should be fine on me and it is, but just about I can't quite fit any thicker sock in it or anything like that. It may not be a big of a deal, but comparing to the other pair of JCs it is a little bit different (maybe, because ones are JC plays and ones are originals) I'm not too sure.

Obviously it's good to try them on whenever you can, before buying them,
You may find that the fabric/leather or sole are not to your exact taste.
Jeffrey Campbell's can be a little more unique etc, so make sure you really like them.

Oh and most importantly, if you're on the hunt for good pair of Jeffrey Campbell's and live in England be sure to check your local TK MAXX's out, because they have some really cool ones every now and then!

(I know I talk about TK MAXX a lot haha, it's just a really cool shop and no I'm not getting payed by them. Gutted).

Hope this was helpful!

How about Jeffrey Campbell heels post?
Do let me know!!

Love y'all!
Cloud x

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