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Monday, 11 March 2013

Jemma Kidd I-Glamour Volume Mascara

If you've seen my Instagram philosophy haul, maybe you've seen two Jemma Kidd products there too!
Well since I've reviewed all of the philosophy products it's time to get chopping with Jemma Kidd stuff!

Onto the mascara!
It's advertised to be "natural looking" yet still give your lashes the wow factor.

I'd give this mascara 6 lemon points.
Fab points:
I absolutely love the brush, it's big chunky and gets right into those lashes,
It separates the lashes very nicely (not perfectly),
It gives you enough volume to stop stay within the "natural" brackets,
It doesn't clump,
The colour is very very deep jet black (not ashy or greyish),
And it dries quite quickly!

Not so impressive points:
After wearing it for a couple of hours, the product from lower lashes may transfer into the under eye area,
It's not the best mascara if you like going for couple of coats (2-3 is the most you'll get away with this mascara),
It kind of disappears after wearing it all day,
It gets very attracted to any water (rain snow, your mascara will smudge).

I wouldn't purchase this mascara again, although I think is quite of a good product.
I normally wear makeup for about 8-10 hours and go for a natural look, for such purposes this mascara isn't too bad.
If you're looking for something to give your lashes that little extra, this product may not be for you.

Hope you liked this!!
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