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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Jemma Kidd Lipgloss

So this is the last makeup piece from my little Tk Maxx haul of which photograph I've uploaded on Instagram.
Today I'll be giving you a quick review of the Jemma Kidd's lipgloss in "Shell" which is a lovely light peach colour with gold shimmer.

I'm going to score this lipgloss with 7 lemon points!

Good points:
It's a really affordable product (I believe it's only £7-8)
Because the shade I have is only slightly tinted it goes beautifully over any lipstick
It has a lovely citrus scent
The consistency is very light
Long lasting
I had chapped lips and this lipgloss didn't irritate them

Not so great points:
The applicator isn't very practical, I personally prefer when lipglosses have brushes
The colour range is very poor which is such a shame considering how great the formulation of this product is
The packaging is chunky and not very pretty

Overall very recommended product, looks great on its own as well as over a lipstick

Hope you've enjoyed this review!
Please give me some feedback or any requests for reviews you would like to see!

Cloud x

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