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Friday, 29 March 2013

Lip balms, an ultimate guide to pick the best one for you!

We all use them, we all need them, they're just one of the makeup bags essentials!
Today I'll go through my collection to help you pick the one most suitable for you!

Before picking a lip balm in the shop you need to think what would you like it to do?
Even though the all have one thing in common, which is of course to moisturise we can divide lip balms into so many more categories:
Tinted ones,
Glittery ones,
Organic ones,
Clear ones,
Differently scented ones..
Bare in mind some of the scented lip balms may have ingredients you may be allergic to!

Very often highend brands like Dior do lip balms as well, but is it worth spending the price of a good foundation on a lip balm?
I've personally never tried a highend lip balm, I'm sure I will just for the curiosity of seeing whether it was worth it.
Now lets focus on the affordable options ;)

If you're looking for a moisture, nice smell, but not the tint I'd recommend trying out E.O.S lip balms (£6) they come in a variety of light scents (I especially like the honey and passion fruit ones). They're also organic which means the ingredients that have been used to made this are from natural organic places, so they're less likely to give you and allergy reaction.

I've also been enjoying lately Nivea's Lip Butter (£2.25) you can pick from either unscented, paspberry rose, caramel or macadamian nut option. These dry out very quickly on the lips leaving a nice soft feel!

Burst's Beens (£3-£4) are another favourite of mine, they come in a clear as well as tinted option. These are also 100% natural, the only thing you need to remember is that it's made with beeswax, make sure you aren't allergic to this before you purchase any of the Burt's Bees products.

If you're looking for a tinted lip balms I'd highly recommend checking out:
My new favourite which is miners Tin o'Tint (£3) these come in a selection of different shades (pink, coral, light brown, fuchsia) and matching scents (watermelon, mango, vanilla, watermelon, cherry). I'm absolutely in love with these, they give you great moisture as well as light, but noticeable colour.

Another one I've been using for a whole is Heathcote&Ivory's Vintage Collection Lip Balm, this very light formula balm provides you with a soft layer of moisture and a little bit of colour. It has very small particles of glitter which reflect the light beautifully!

(Swatches of tinted balms below)

I'll keep you guys updated on my purchase of my highend lip balm, until then I hope you've enjoyed this post :) !

Cloud x

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