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Monday, 18 March 2013

Perfect red lips!

Red lips are timeless, classic and they suit everyone!
I'm wearing my ultimate red lipstick combo torus so I'll take you through of what I did to archive this prefect red lip!

I've used 4 products in 4 simple steps!

Step 1; PRIME!
Always remember to prime your lips if you know you'll be wearing pigmented strong colour of lipstick (primer will increase the strength of your lipstick so it will stay beautifully for good few hours)
I've used MAC lip primer, £12

Step 2; LINE!
Many people forget of how important this step is. You most certainly don't want your lipstick do bleed, do you?
Lip liner has to be used!
My lip liner is a gift from Ukraine (not sure how much it was)

Step 3; COLOUR!
Pick a matte, thick lipstick; you want to feed those lips with a strong pigment!
I'm using Ruby Woo, by Mac £14.50

(This is optional, you could block your lipstick right now using a tissue, replay and repeat. I decided to miss this step since Ruby Woo is so pigmented there's no need to do so)

Again this is optional hover I like to finish off with a lipgloss or luster/glossy formula lipgloss just to give my lips that one final oomph!
I'm using Red Berry by Philosophy (I have review on this lipstick too, have look at few posts back) and I believe this was about £10

Okay so here it is!
Your ultimate red lipstick, long-lasting colour guaranteed!

Cloud x

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