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Friday, 8 March 2013

Philosophy Divine Blushing Bronzer

Reviewing one product each day from my latest makeup (look at Instagram) today came the day to look closely at the Philosophy Divine Blush Bronzer in Light.

If I'd have to use one short phrase to describe this product I'd say "Perfect Blush for pale skin". You know when you have one of those days when you feel like wearing blush, but you can't find a shade for your skin tone which would look so natural no one can tell you're wearing blush at all.

In total I'd rearward this blush bronzer (it's called bronzer, because it has a slight stripe of light brown colour it's not a bronzer at all) with 6 lemon points!

Good points: beautiful shade for pale skin, it blends to your skin like a dream, formulation is very lightweight and silky, sleek and thin packaging, matt finish with a slight invisible light reflective particles,
it's suitable for sensitive skin, because of the formulation it won't crease or build up in one place.

Not so great points: if you want to keep the look light and fresh you'd have to reapply it after about 4-6 hours, its only available online at amazon.com and eBay.com for about $15, because of the colour range it may not be suitable as a blush for darker skin tones, the price is quite high for what it is.

In overall if you're pale and looking for natural looking smooth, silky blush you need this blush in your life!
I haven't seen the darker colours so I think if you're more tanned its worth looking into this product!

Cloud x

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