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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Philosophy lipstick

If any of you lot lovely readers are following me on Instagram you've probably seen my Philosophy/Jemma Kidd little makeup haul which I got from TK MAXX. I bought 6 products all together and they were 2 products for £9.99.
Today I'll be reviewing the lipstick in the shade: Red Berry (not the most creative of the names), anyway!

I'd give this lipstick 8 lemon points!!
Good points: amazing light consistency,
doesn't feel sticky on the lips, beautiful intense colour just with one coat, moisturising formula, sleek and elegant packaging, if your lips are chapped or dry this is the lipstick to pick up it won't irritate them, long lasting, amazing shiny finish!
Not so great points: those lipsticks are impossible to get hold of (I've done some research on amazon etc and they're not they're. Lost in the space) check up in your local TK MAXX and make sure you'll get your hands on one of those! And another last point: it's not food/drink proof ,because of the light formula it has to be reapplied during the day.

If anyone knows where else those are available to buy, please get in touch!

Cloud x

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