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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sleek Blushes

So you guys know I love my blush right?

Today I'll talk in depth about some Sleek blushes that I've been seriously enjoying lately!

At the moment I own one "trio" called Lace which contains colours:
Chantilly (that's the first swatch on my hand, first colour in the pallet and the second colour on my face),
This is more of a orangey/peach colour.

Guipure which is a total dupe for Nars orgasm (I'll compare both on the last picture Sleek on the left/Nars on the right) and this shade is the second swatch on my hand, second colour in the palette and third colour on my face,
That's beautiful dusty pink with golden shimmer in it.

Crochet (which is third swatch on my hand also third in the palette and last pictures on my face).
I'd described this shade as a gorgeous deep coral pink.

And I also have only one single blush which is called pomegranate.
I'd say is a pretty close dupe for Nars seduction (which I haven't got to compare). This one it's a last swatch on my hand and first photograph on my face.
This shade is a deep burgundy which I think would look gorgeous on eyes as well as on cheeks.

I'm going to give Sleek blushes 7 lemon points!
Good points:
They're very, very pigmented,
Easily buildable (so you can go as light or heavy handed as you like),
Very affordable,
The colour range of the blushes has something for every single skin tone,
Can be used on your eyes,
They do ship international so you can be them easily,
The packaging is thin and easy to travel with!

Not so great points:
It can be too powdery on some skin types, so make sure you'll blend it very well,
In UK it's only available in large SuperDrug which makes it more difficult if you'd like to swatch these and your local SuperDrug hasn't got Sleek stand (like mine),
Also these have a little of a "chemical" scent to it which is really hard to describe. It's almost unnoticeable, but if you're really delicate when it comes to even the slightest scents you may not like these.

The colours on my face may look a little similar so I hope the swathes are more helpful.
The single blush is £4.49 and trio is £10

I'm definitely getting lots more of these!

If you'd like me to try any more sleek products please do let me know!

Hope you've enjoyed this post :)

Cloud x

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