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Friday, 8 March 2013

Thisworks Shimmer Balm

Highlighters, highlighters and even more highlighters! I love them, even on the days without makeup highlighters can make your face look fresh and radiant.

I've never tried any of the thisworks products, however I'd love to try the sleeping range from this brand!
Back to the shimmer balm!

I bought this beautifully packaged balm in Boots on sale for £3! How amazing!!
First impressions: LOVE IT!
It has a silver tone to it, but it's absolutely
beautiful (and trust me, I'm picky when it comes good highlighters).

In total I'm rewarding this little treasure with 8 lemon points.
Good points: you can use it on a variety of places (your Cupid's bone, top of your cheeks, bridge of your nose, brow bone and forehead), it doesn't irritate broken/dry skin, shimmer shows up beautifully on all skin tones, it smells lovely, it can be used as an eyeshadow base, it doesn't just bring shimmer to your face it also moisturises at the same time,it comes in a beautiful and colourful packaging and most importantly stays in place all day long!

Not so great points: because it was limited edition it may be spittle hard to get hold of, full price of this product is £10 which I think it's quite expensive.

Hope this was helpful!

Love y'all
Cloud x

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