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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Urban Decay The Great and Powerful Oz (Glinda Palette)

Everyone's raving about the Great and Powerful Oz palettes right? And they're so damn right, because these are AMAZING!
I bought both palettes the Glinda one (good witch) and Theodora (the baddy).
Today I'll be reviewing the Glinda palette!

I've been loving Urban Decay products since Naked, and Naked 2.. So I has very high expectations for these palettes.
And oh trust me, these haven't let me down.

I am going to score Glinda palette with 8 lemon points.
Good points:
Beautiful, beautiful bright, shiny colours which can be incorporated into any eyeshadows under the sun,
Very unique textures, and highlight shades which I have never seen before,
You don't just get travel size eye pencil and Super-Saturated High Gloss in limited edition shade,
The palette itself is very colourful, handy (has a big mirror in it) and you can reuse it for different Urban Decay eyeshadows,
The colours are easily buildable,
Can be applied wet to intensify the look,
In that palette you get everything you need to create day as well as night look,
These particular shades would look gorgeous on all skin tones.

Not so cool points:
I absolutely love this palette and I'm so gutted its limited edition (and selling out so quick),
Because its a high end product it is quite pricey, however the quality is just exceptional!

If I'd be to compare both palettes I have to say that I definitely like the Glinda palette more, because its so much more unique whilst with other pallets you get gorgeous shades which are much not easy to get hold of.

I've also tried to recreate Glinda look using the card included.

Hope you liked this!
Theodora palette review coming up tomorrow!

Cloud x

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