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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Urban Decay The Great and Powerful Oz (Theodora Palette)

Yesterday it was Glinda's palette I was testing, today came the day to do the same with Theodora.
So.. After having a little glance I wasn't that blown away by the colours. I think it's, because they're are quite neutral colours (besides the duo eyeshadows which are quite unique), but really the quality and colour payoff of this palette totally reassured me that I've made good decision purchasing both of the palettes. Although if I'd have to pick one it'd still be Glinda.

I would score Theodora with 7 lemon points.
Great points:
Colour pay-off is just amazing,
The quality and textures of these eye shadows is just divine,
The palette has different finishes from matt to shimmer and even some glitter shades,
You also get Super-Saturated High-Gloss Lip Colour and iconic now 24/7 glide on eye pencil,
Every skin tone would find this palette wonderfully  useful,
Colours can be easily builded up,
Also there's like pretty much no fall outs!

Not so amazing points:
Again like with Glinda this is limited edition which is such a shame, because the whole design and concept of this palette is very handy,
It is quite expensive, here in UK it retails at £35,
Also as I said, the colours aren't as unique like they are in Glinda's palette.

Pictures of me recreating the Theodora look below :)

Hope you've enjoyed this!

Cloud x

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