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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

What's in my bag? Travel edition

As promised here's travel edition of "What's in my bag", I haven't even done a standard one yet but it's all to come, all to come!

This only one day trip to London, but I need to be prepared for everything right?

Okay so my bag is from TopShop £46
And inside I have:
March issue of Vogue, £3.99
Just a book for notes with cute kitty £4.99 from TK MAXX
"Wreck this journal" which I'll do a separate blog post on, because its just amazing. Google it! £8.99
Bootle of water (a must have)
Purse from river island £19, which is soon to be replaced by Marc Jacobs ohh yess
Makeup bag from H&M £7.99 SO TROPICANA, what's in my makeup bag travel edition blog post is coming up
iPhone charger (obviously)
My super cute Moschino gloves (a gift)
And my dolce&gabbana specks (closer photo below)
Oh and of course my iPhone 5

Promise I'll do a standard what's in my bag soon!

Cloud x

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