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Monday, 29 April 2013

27th of April 2013 Outfit Of the Day

Yesterday was a such a pretty sunny day and I went for lunch out with my friend, which gave me a reason to dress up really nicely! So why not do an outfit & make up of the day!

I'd like to start out random, with my bag!
I love this little navy blue bah with a big white bow, which on a picture is a little on the side, but it's not faulty you can easily straighten it. I really love the gold detailing, and how being very small it fits all my essential bits and bobs. I got this little cutie a while back from TopShop and I believe it was £28.
Oh and on my nails I'm wearing Essies, peach daiquiri £7.99

For my bottoms I went for the KRISTEN jeans from TopShop, which I got in 26W, 30L size 8. £40
My top is from Zara and I got it from sale for about £10, which is in size small.
Moving right up my coat/jacket is from Mark&Spencers, but I bought it in Charity Shop/Thrift Store for I think £7, and it's in size Medium, so it's really oversized on me. I just really enjoy the tartan pattern!
The booooooooots are from Topshop, which I got in size 5 a while back.
I think these were also from sale for around £50 reduced from £75. Even though the heel is quite small, it still gives me a massive lift.

Sunglasses, as in my last ootd are from Lactose and I think they were £89.99 (not 100%sure).

To do my eye make-up I have used my Urban Decay the Great and Powerful Oz palette in Theodora, and I've used the gold sparkly colour all over the lid (along with some of the other colours).

Lastly on my lips I'm wearing the newest addition into my Mac lipsticks collection, Sunny Seoul.

And that's it for today guys, as always thank you for reading :)

Cloud x

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