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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

All about primers!

I never used to think that I need to use a primer, either lip, eyelid or face one.
I thought they don't make much of a difference. Well trust me once you'll use a primer you'll never, ever put your makeup on without priming your face first.

Foundation primers I'm switching between at the moment are:
Benefits Porefessional £24.50, I have normal to dry skin so I'd use this just on my T-Zone on a regular daily basics to control the oils in my face,
(about the product itself, I think it's brilliant if you're looking for something light-textured to minimalise the appearance of the pores and to control the levels of the oil in your face)

MAC Skin Base Visage 19.50
I'd use this product all over my face on days when ok desperate to keep my makeup flawless for a long busy days or special events
(more about the product, I really log ethos primer, because it has some glittery particles in it which applied on your face aren't visible to a human eye, but they brighten up your face making a veal idyl canvas to apply foundation on. Also helps all makeup to stay beautiful for long hours)

Eyelid primes (eyeshadow base):
For the last couple of months I've been using Urban Decay's Primer potion £15, which literally will last you a lifetime
(about the product, this product is so easy to apply and will provide you with a crease-less eye makeup all day long)

And last but not least is a lip primer:
MAC Prep+Prime Lips £12
Anytime I want to wear pigmented heavy-textured lipstick I'd apply this to increase the lasting powder of the lipstick
(about the product, this is an essential if you're a lipstick kind of gal (I could lave my house just with my eyebrows done and lipstick). This primer will smoothie out your lips, creating a nice base for a lipstick/lip product)

Overall I'd say I can't live without primers, the whole point of applying makeup is to make you look flawless.. Primers are a must haves!

Cloud x

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