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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Contouring with creams!

Hello you beauts! Since my photo-a-day challenge (which I'm really behind with) is called "Contour" I decided to make a matching blog post, so you guys can get a little inside to how I'm contouring my face. Now I have two ways of doing contour, depending on the occasion and the makeup I'm doing I pick which one to go for. I contour either with creams (before foundation) or with powders (after foundation) I never do both at the same time, it's just way too much.

Contouring with creams I think is much more subtle, because when you apply your foundation on the top of it, it all kind of blends together leaving your skin workout any visible lines. Your face looks very natural, the contour is unnoticeable.

As a pale person to highlight I use white foundation Barry M no.1 anther option would be Illamasqua's skin base in white as well, however Barry M is much cheaper and still does the job. For the contour itself at the moment in using Une Cream B Bronzer in S05, which is a really affordable option too. If you'd like to go for a highend cream blush I'd recommend Chanel cream bronzer (which I'm yet to purchase).

So how do I contour:
1. Pick your brush or just use fingers (I prefer to use fingers whilst working with creams)
2. I like to start with the highlight, use a shape or triangle in your head as a guide. You need to create two triangles on the sides of your face on your cheeks. After create a very thin line (with your little finger) at the middle of the bridge of your nose stop and then make a little dot at the top of your nose. Follow up into yhe centre of tour forehead + brow-bones. Take a little of your white foundation into your Cupid's bone and well as centre of your chin.
Finish of with sucking your cheeks in and making a line under of the line hid normally contour. Okay you're done with the highlight!
3. Contour! First suck your cheeks in and use your fingers to create lines coming out from your ears into the corners of hour mouth (make sure to stop at the middle of your cheeks). Now use your little fingers to slightly contour the sides of your nose, make sure to do it on your nose (not next to it). For the second part I like to use a little stippling brush. Use this to apply a little of your cream bronzer into your headline, temples, jaw line and under your chin!
4. You can start blending the whole thing together with your fingers and then apply foundation, or you can just apply your foundation (preferably liquid) on the top of the hot mess you've just created and the use big stippling brush to blend it all on with circular motion. Make sure to apply less foundation than normally (probably half of what you'd normally use) it's, because your contouring will already provide you with some sort of coverage and you don't want to look cakey.
5. Once you're done (apply come concealer if necessary) or/and just set it all with some powder and you're done!!

Keep your eyes open for contouring with powders!
Oh and one more thing, personally I'm very pale and what I've just mention works well for me all the drugstore lightest foundation shades are my actual colour-matches so I couldn't use these. Of you're darker or more tanned than me just go for the lightest shades of drugstore foundations for your highlight!

Hope you've enjoyed this!!

Cloud x

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