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Friday, 12 April 2013

Gym Outfit!

Hello cutie-pies!
Today I'm going to show you what I'd normally wear to the gym!

Usually I'm going for a baggy t-shirts from male's section, the one I'm wearing right now is from TK MAXX and it's in size Small (and it's still baggy on me) £9.99
For bottoms I enjoy the most wearing 3/4 gym pants, ones I'm wearing right now are the tight fit Nike pants and I got these from Sports Direct in size XS and they were £25, I actually love these so much I got two pairs of them!
My trainers are also from Nike Air Mac Excellerate in size 5, and I bought these quite a while back in Sports Direct for £110. I'm sure they're on sale now! These are my best gym shoes ever so make sure to check these out if you're on a market for amazing gym/running shoes.

For my outer layers I'm wearing my Zara knitted cardigan which I got in size small, this was around £35.
And the jacket is also from Zara, it's my fake leather jacket which I got also in size small for around £40 as well.
oh and my socks are from TopShop!

Hope you've enjoyed this super quick gym outfit!

Cloud x

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