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Monday, 1 April 2013

March'13 favourites!

Yay! So I'm finally doing my first ever monthly favourites post, things I've been especially loving for the past month of March!

Let's jump right into that!
First I'm going to mention my book favourite of the month which has to be Van Gogh: The Life by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith. This book gar me a great inside to the life of one of my favourite artists ever! I got mine for kindle on amazon.com for about £10, the hard copy is available at Waterstone's for spring £30.

Makeup-wise I've been especially enjoying:
Estée Lauder's eyeshadow in Blue Stork which I believe was a limited edition product (just a great toned-down everyday shade of blue),
Stilla's lip glaze in Christmas limited edition shade Joy (a lovely shade of pink, which goes great with anything), full review available
Revlon's just bitten kissable balm stain in rendezvous (a really flattering shade of peachy coral shade, great for spring), full review available
Thisworks Shimmer balm (a really soft and gentle highlighter), full review available
Collection 2000 Extreme 24h felt tip liner (extremely easy to use, goes great over an eyeshadows), full review available
Nars multiple in Orgasm (light pink worth flecks of gold shimmer, I like to use it the most as a blush)
Clinique's bottom lash mascara (probably the best invention ever, the brush is so tiny you can easily apply product to your lower lashes as well as inner lashes at the top)
Soap&Glory The Daily Double (all you need for a quick brown smokey eye on the go)
And last but not least Tin o'Tint in watermelon (the best tinted lip balm in the world) full review available

Hair product of the month has to be Batiste dry shampoo in Wild, just smells great!

Skin care, I've been especially enjoying Lush Tea Tree Water. I've been spraying it after I've washed my face in the morning&evening to keep my face free from breakouts!

Another favourite is compressed (means its better for out environment) Dove's deodorant in pomegranate and lemon verbena scent!

And lastly my random favourite of the month are ribbons, which I've been wearing in my hair non-stop!
Ones I have are from Cupcake Boutique!

So here they are, my March favourites!

Hope you've enjoyed this :)

Cloud x


  1. Heyy! You td me to check out your blog on instagram so i am! Its really good:) keep posting! :) xxxx ciarawardxoxx (instagram!) :P

  2. LMAO ^^^^^^ same as above ;) I really like it! :) I love reading about monthly favs. And I like ur ootds too ^.^ keep up the good work =) instagram:jenjenwitani813


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