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Friday, 5 April 2013

My Prom Class of '11

Hello my beautiful prom queens!
I know for a lot of you it's coming up to prom season, so I though I'd show you what I wore for my prom 2 years ago and just overall tell you more about the whole experience!

My prom was in July'11 and it took place in one of the prestigious local hotels.
I personally didn't had a prom date so I paired up with all my girl-friends and we just went together as a group.
My dress was bought for me as a graduation present from my mum from Sheri Hill and I'm not 100%, but it was about £500. It's a beautiful reach coraly orange princess dress, with a tied at the back corset. The whole dress has little sparkles on the dress and nice bling detail on the neckline.
It was really important for me to keep the dress that's why I asked my mum to buy me one instead of renting one as it was a kind of of a souvenir from that day.

A lot of things went wrong actually, now when I look back at the pictures dress is the only thing I actually really love.
My hair and makeup was done by a hairdresser and a makeup artist, but they did a such a poor job if I'd have the makeup skill then I have now I would do my makeup myself. I think the makeup girl went to heavy on the grey smokey eye and I don't feel like it accomplished my dress. Hair was okay, but the fringe looked dodgy and messy.
But my worse nightmare were shoes from TopShop which were actually 2 sizes too big, also the jewellery was terrible.

I thought about the dress and everything else seemed unimportant at that time.

What I'd say to you which are just on about to have your prom: pay attention to the detail and make sure everything flows perfectly with the dress!

Wish I could have my prom again!
Wherever you are, whatever you're wearing at your prom make sure you're feeling beautiful and special :)

Cloud x

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