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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Nike Air Max & Nike Air Max Excellerate

Finally, finally, finally! Blog post about Nike Air Max shoes!

With no faffing around I'll jump straight into the review of these and a little comparison!

Nike Air Max Excellerate I've had for about I'd say 6-7 months and honestly they're the best running/gym shoes ever! The amount of comfort and "bounce" they give you is unreal. Whilst I bought them they were about £107 I believe, but now they're on offer in Sports Direct so if you're looking for amazing gym/running shoes you couldn't find a better pair! However besides gym Nike Air Max Excellerarte unlike the original Air Max aren't very weareable (style-wise). They are strictly gym shoes only, that's why I decided to purchase a pair of original Air Max in a silver/cream colour, so that I can wear trainers and still be fashionable (comfort&style). I have bought the original Air Max around a week ago and I love them, honestly I can see why people in London wear Air Max literally with everything from evening wear dresses to dungarees!
But now I would definitely say that the original Air Max are totally unsuitable for gym purposes, they're to sort of chunky and not very comfortable running. That's my option personally.

Both of the pairs are EXTREMELY comfy for either gym or every-day wear, I wouldn't say that any of these are multi-functional. Website says that the original Air Max are perfect for running, trust me they're really not. That's why I decided to have one pair for sports and other for every day. Unfortunately both of the pairs are around £100 mark, but some of the colour/designs are often on sale so definitely be on the hunt for a pair of these! Comfiest shoes around?! Besides platforms, I think so!
Quick, but into the point!

Hope you've enjoyed this!
Cloud x

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