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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Ombré, Dipdye, Bleached hair! My experiences

This was a highly requested post!
I've been experimenting with ombré, dipdye and bleaching some parts of my hair for about 2-3 years now and for all of you who are thinking about dying your hair I have few things to tell you about!
So grab a cup of tea and enjoy!

Let's start from the beginning, all my life I've had dark brown hair and I will never ever fully dye it.
So first thing I've ever done to my hair was getting bottom section of my hair dyed dark blonde, of course I went to the hair salon. I decided to go just for the bottom, because I was still in high school and I didn't really wanted doing anything THAT crazy to my hair. This was about 3 years ago and, because I've always been using hair masks and serums my hair wasn't damaged at all. I did enjoy the hair so I've left it as it was for about a year. This costed me about £40.
(unfortunately I haven't got the picture of what it looked like)

Next thing I did was cutting my hair from being so long it almost touched my bottom to a bob. I had long hair all my life so I though why not cut it. I absolutely loved it, but got a little bored of it so I've decided to get it dip dyed into a caramel shade. The colour ended up being ugly ginger so I've cried and bought the "colour-back" treatment from Boots and did my best to get rid of it. This removed all the ginger and left me with slightly lighter ends. This was also done in a hair salon, but the hairdresser clearly didn't know what was he doing. This was 2 years ago and it left me with a disappointing experience so I kept myself away from a hair salon for another year. This costed me about £60.
(again no picture)

Every time I'd visit a hair salon I paid quite a lot, so I though right I was always paying so much and I never really liked my hair so I'm going to pay even more and now hopefully I'll enjoy my hair.
So last year before I went to v-festival I went to Tony&Guy to get my hair Ombré'yed.
I did like it, however the lady there wasn't really listening to what I was saying, really she just did what she though would look nice. So I ended up with my ends being ever so slightly blonde, that was about it.
What I loved is the fact that even though bleach have been used on my hair, it hasn't damaged my hair whatsoever. This costed me £80.

Here's what it looked like A DAY after I had it done, as you can see it's not really visible.
(please ignore my rainy hair)
I took this picture a couple of days after I came back from a festival, it did look a little dull and the colour was already a little washed out. 

So this is what it looked like about 6 months later, my ends looked simply lighter. Not much of a ombré this was really. 
And this picture was taken about 9 months later, again just ends looking slightly lighter. I did get a few trims so of course the blond ends of my hair were getting shorter and shorter.

Now we're coming to my last visit to the hairdressers two days ago! I went to a hairdressers recommended to me by a friend! I didn't wanted to go back to Tony&Guy since what they did, didn't really meet my expectations.

I decided to get my Ombré hair redone, but this time VERY VISIBLY. Along with this I wanted to get a stripe of blonde going through my fringe so that when I'd curl it upwards the blonde would be showing through. I've spent 4 hours in the hairdressers, but I absolutely love my hair!
It's the most I ever loved my hair! I've spend about £80, but I'm really pleased with the outcome!

This is my hair right now!

Stay tuned for my coloured/bleached haircare routine!

Cloud x


  1. i remember you from instagram, loved your pics by the way, and the hair is gorgeous!
    also you do great makeup. i wish i could do at list half of that.


  2. ooops!
    ---> i wish i could do AT LEAST half of that.
    just making it right from my preview comment. :)


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