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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Soap&Glory The Daily Double Lidshadow & Liner Stick Pencil

We all have "lazy make-up days", don't we?
Well here's what I like to use on my eyes on those days. It's quite of a mouthful name: Soap&Glory The Daily Double Lidshadow & Liner Stick Pencil, all it is is just a pencil with two cream eyeshadows.
And this is what I'll be reviewing for you guys today, along with a little tutorial of how I like to use it!

Let's start with the standard informations, this product comes in 3 different colours:
Velvet pink/ brownie (the one I'm using) which is a cream matte colour and a slightly shimmery brown,
Ultra violet/ plum plum,
Fresh cream/ greenlight.
They retail for £8.50 each, but if you live in UK Boots often has Soap&Glory product on offers so you could get it even cheaper.

I'm going to jump into the review itself now.
I'm going to score this product with 9 lemon points!

Great points:
The consistency of these is just exceptional, very creamy,
Easy to apply, you can happily get away with putting these on with your fingertips,
Blends beautifully,
Stay put all day,
Don't crease,
Both of the colours, because of the texture can be used as an eyeshadow base under other powder eyeshadows,
Great space-saver, because you get two different cream eyshadows in one stick.
Brilliant to travel with,
Very affordable!

My only concern with these, which isn't really that much of a big deal if you're fairly quick with applying this product on is how QUICKLY it sets. It's really impressive, but once it's set it ain't going anywhere. So you really need to be quick with blending these in once you've applied them into your lid.

Now I'll describe the easiest way to achieve every-day smoky eye using only this one product (and some mascara of course)!

This is optional, but if you wish you can apply eyeshadow primer to start of with.
Step 1, apply the cream matte end all over the eyelid and a little into the brow-bone.
Step 2, apply the brown shimmery end into your crease, upper and lower 3/4 of the lash line and a little near the inner corner of the eye,
Step 3, blend everything in, and reapply the brown end into the outer corner of the eye to intensify the look (you can build up the intensity as much as you like), don't forget to blend everything in!
Step 4, basically you're done now! Apply some eyeliner if you wish or just stick into the mascara!
And here you are, simple easy wearable smoky eye!

Hope you've enjoyed this review/tutorial!

Cloud x

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