I started off sugary, sweet and very saturated, now that I have lost all those qualities I'm left with something which starts to look a little more like me. It's a never-ending process of change.
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Monday, 1 April 2013

What's going on?!

Hey guys!
This is just a quick explanation post!

I'm new to the whole bloggers community, and really all I do is sometimes encourage beauty-lovers on instagram to check mu blog out hoping they'd like it.

Into the point, today looking at the overview section of my blog "dashboard" I've noticed my blog have been mentioned on some dodgy websides, which I have nothing to do with.
I don't care about the numbers of views/subscribes, nor I'm trying to get any money out of this blog, this is purely sharing my passion with you guys.

I don't get any product send to me, I'm not getting paid also I haven't collaborated with any advertising companies to get me more views.

I'm quite confused of why my blog have been mention on different websides, this is just a quick exclaimer to be fair with you guys. 

If I'd ever, ever do any of the above I promise you, you'd know about this.

Cloud x

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