I started off sugary, sweet and very saturated, now that I have lost all those qualities I'm left with something which starts to look a little more like me. It's a never-ending process of change.
Stick around?


Friday, 31 May 2013

Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycra Flex Mascara

Heelloooo! I couple of you requested more reviews from the Drug Store products as opposed to Highend products. Your wish is my command, I went ahead and without any research bought a couple of drug store products, which reviews of you should see shortly!

So today I'm going to be reviewing Rimmel's Scandaleyes Lycra Flex Mascara, basically transiting it into an understandable name: mascara with a big-ass wand, which supposed to give you ridiculous volume without making them clumpy and stiff (hence the Lycra). 

Well that sounds like a lot of promises, but has it actually got anything to do with the truth? 

I have been using it for about a week now, and I feel like I'm hell ready to rate it!
I'm going to score this mascara with 4 lemon points!
Since there's more negative points I'll kick of with those:

 Pretty much everything what Rimmel claims this mascara is supposed to do, isn't working,
 I find it absolutely impossible to build up,
just with the 2nd coat I've noticed some serious clumping going on,
 Quite of a nightmare to remove, and it's not the waterproof formula,
 Because of the VERY LARGE (and I mean HUGE) size of the wand, applying the products into the lower lashes is a skill,
 Lashes felt really stiff. I'm not too sure whether Rimmel was being stingy on the Lycra or what happen there, but the flexibleness definitely wasn't there,
  And lastly, I personally felt like this mascara was seriously weighting my lashes down. Curling my lashes before hang was pretty much pointless. 

Great points:
 Well it certainly did last all day long,
 No smudging or flaking at all,
 Great price £6.99,
 And even though the massive wand didn't do any justice for the bottom lashes, it most definitely did a pretty good job on the top ones applying the product very generously from the root to the tip!

Those are just my opinions. I have quite of normal lashes, not too short, not growing down or anyhow stubborn; simply average. I personally won't be repurchasing this mascara, but I surely will be cheating out some of the other ones out there!
Be sure to give me any recommendations!

Until next time, have a cloudylicious day!
Cloud x 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Mac Lipsticks #5 Goes and Goes

We made it to the 5th week of Mac Lipstick Wednesdays everyone!
Ahh it went so quick, well to highlight a such a stone mile of this beautiful journey I decided to talk about quite of an amazing shade "Goes and Goes", lipstick so purple you can't take your eyes of it.
You might wonder why does the packaging looks different and the top of the lipstick is flat?
Well the packaging is different, because "Goes and Goes" is a part of Pro Long wear collection, which means that this lipstick isn't a lipstick, in fact it's a Lip Creme. They are extremely pigmented and veeeeeeeeeeeeery long lasting. Also the reason for the top of the lipstick being flat isn't, because I use it so much it's shaped that way so it's easier for make up artists to apply it with a brush.
You certainly don't have to be a make up artist to buy any product from Pro Long Wear collection.

As always when the weather is good I have 2 sets of swatches for you, one in the sunshine (one below)...
...and one in the shadow (one below). Left swatch is straight from the bullet, whilst the one on the right is smudged a little to give you an idea of the texture.
Goes and Goes is a beautiful, cold shade of dark heliotrope purple with very mild, silver shimmer by Mac described as blue violet. 
I paired this gorgeous lipstick with some daring pop of yellow on the eyelid, strong brow and simple contouring. If you're wondering how did I create the colourful yellow eyeliner I did a blog post about it here: http://clooudylemonade.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/too-faced-liquif-eye-eye-shadow.html
Just to finish off I'm going to talk about the finish and texture. Goes and Goes is certainly not a matte lisptick, in fact it has quite of a glossy finish to it, which doesn't at all make it any less pigmented. Highly recommended for all of you colour lovers out there!
Cloud x

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Mac Paintpots

Aloha everyone, hope you're having a fabulous day! Today I'll be reviewing the paint pots I bought last week, which I have also featured in a blogpost (http://clooudylemonade.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/mini-beauty-haul-mac-baker-collection.html). Let's begin!
I'll start off with the beautiful sleek, glass packaging, which indeed makes a "attire" for a cream eye-shadow.
I have to admit it's quite bulky and heavy, what makes it very inconvenient if you're a make-up artist or if you're travelling. However just for the home use there's absolutely no faults with the packaging.

Personally I've never used Mac Paint pots, so my opinion is going to be based on shades Let's Skate (pinky shimmery with gold sparkle) and Éclair (rich brown with warm toned shimmer), although the formulation of these is always going to be the same regardless of the shade you can get these in different finished e.g. Matte, Shimmer.
Painpots are a part of the Pro Longwear collection, what means they're enriched with ingredient that make them super long lasting and trust me the swatches you see below wouldn't leave my hand all day and night.
So without a good eye-make up remover these ain't going anywhere! I was especially surprised by the creaminess, texture, exceptional pigmentation and by how long lasting they are. For me those thing really made those stand out in comparison to other cream eye-shadows out there.
 Onto the actual review! I'm going to score Mac's Paint Pots with 8 lemon points!
Fabulous points:
Amazing pigmentation,
Extremely long lasting,
Makes a great base for a powder eye shadow,
Also works wonders on it's own,
Intensity of the shade can be builded up,
Super creamy,
Come in a variety of finishes and shades.

Not so great points:
Those are quite pricey, the retail price is £14. Personally I think you don't pay for the brand, you certainly pay for the quality.
And the packaging, I travel a lot so I might have to leave some stuff behind in order to fit this in.

Here's just a quick and simple way to use a paint pot!
What I did below is:
applied a little bit of Éclair with my ring finger,
blended the edges in with a fluffy brush,
builded up the intensity with my ring finger at the outer corners,
popped some of the paint pot under my lower lash line with a pencil brush,
and then the last thing I did was to add some eye liner, fill my eyebrows in and round all look up with black mascara. 

Here's the finished look! Looks put together, goes with everything and no fall-outs!
Overall.. I am most certainly going to be purchasing more shades!

Cloud x

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Empties #2

Another empties! Hey, hey, hey!
This time I've managed to collect two face toners! Ready for the journey?

I'll begin with Batiste dry shampoo in Blush. I live by this stuff, I've never really used any other dry shampoos, because "if it ain't broken, don't fix it". Batiste has a massive range of scents and kinds of dry shampoos for different hair colours etc. As you know I have dark brown hair, and people compainging about white reswidue is really just the case of rubbing it in properly! Trust me.
Not much more to say, just great product! (£3.99) Already repurchased, recommended

FACE! Lush Tea Tree Water, again product I cannot imagine my life without! This baby keeps my free from breakouts, redness and all other kinds of nasty stuff, because it's packed with natural antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobal properties! I spray this twice a day after I washed and dries my face and let it to air dry and then apply my Nivea original cream. It won't necessary protect you from all breakouts, but it'll keep it down to the absolute minimum! (£3.95). Already repurchased, recommended

Ziaja, Bio Aloe Tone. I bough this toner about a year ago, I kind of left it in a cupboard and then suddenly decided to go back to it. I've used it twice a day everyday for about 3-4 months and it made my face nice, clean, fresh and surprisingly moisturised! This was really cheap, I got it abroad so I'm not to sure about the price. I definitely think this is worth trying out! Repurchased different face toner, recommended

BODY products! Only one I have is The Body Shop Passion Fruit Shower Gel, which unfortunately got discontinued :(  This stuff smells, gorg-eous! Leaved my skin feeling soft and smelling amazing.
I worked in Body Shop so I got this for free, but I believe this was £4. I would highly recommend any Body Shop's shower gels!

And my most glamorous product would be YSL Touche Éclat!
Honestly I can't say that it's lasted me for long, in comparison to the other under-eye highlighters I've used. But well, it was great I can't deny. Silky smooth texture, which would blend in beautifully. Unfortunately the colour range is really poor, because there's only one shade for pale/light skin people and all the others are designer for who I've been told Asian skin? So that's quite of a let down, because in order to highlight my skin I almost need to use something white. Overall if you're more of a medium skin tone, you'd love this!
(£25) Repurchased different under-eye highlighter, recommended. I've used shade no.1
EXCLAIMER! I have done some extra research on YSL Touchge Éclat and recently they've released new range of colours, which includes almost white shade! AMAZING, I'll be sure to purchase this and let you know how I got on with this one!

So we came to an end of this 2nd now empties post!
Thank you again for reading. 

Cloud x

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Mac Lipsticks #4 Dark Side

Dark side, one of my all time favourites! I'm super excited to review this amazing cherry shade with a slight purple undertone, so let's jump right into it!

Dark side is described as a dark burgundy, and surprisingly the swatch on the Mac webside matches the shade quite accurately. I think this would be perfect shade for a "bold lip" kind of look, with flawless base, strong eyebrows, some mascara and contour. I however decided to go on a full swing with the Dark Side and paired it up with silver smoky eye and perfect eyeliner.

Here's the swatch in the shadow.
And here's one in the sunshine, it looks more red in the sun comparing to the swatches in the shadow, which I'd say looks more purple.

Skin tone wise I think all of the skin colours could pull this colour off, on pale tones like myself it can look a little intense so few strokes of bronzer should do the job, whilst ladies of colour could enjoy this shade without any inconveniences. The only thing is the stain power  which would remain on lighter skin for much longer, whilst darker skin tones would need to reapply a couple of times in order to keep the colour intense and visible.

Especially with such dark shade you would need to use a lip-liner  in order to achieve that perfect coloured lip. I'd recommend trying out Mac Beet or Nightmoth.
This is an amplified finish, which stands for a creamy highly pigmented texture. Extremely long wear, with a great stain power. Overall: one of my all time favourites!

Stay tuned for next week!

Cloud x

Monday, 20 May 2013

Mini Beauty Haul Mac's Baker Collection & Nars

During the weekend I went up and got a couple of makeup bits, from Mac's and Nars' limited collections, I've asked you guys if you'd like to see a blogpost about it... You've said YES, so here it is!

I'll start of with the things I got from Mac's baker collection!
I was very intrigued by the colours and designs, so I absolutely had to leave with something that's a part of that collection! 
I really wanted to buy some of the illuminating face powders, however I didn't feel like "Pink Buttercream" showed up on my face and "In for a Treat" looked for me like a copy of the highlighter from Chanel's spring collection, which I've already bought.. So I looked at the paint pots; and I picked two, which stood out for me the most. 
I choose "Eclair", beautiful dark and sophisticated brown shade full of shimmer and "Let's Skate" pearly pink with gold shimmer. I believe only Eclair is a part of limited collection edition! £14.50 
Well I then obviously knowing how much of a lipstick addict I am, I couldn't resist picking up a couple of them. I've already saw some pictures of "Heroine" (bright violet) around Instagram, unfortunately that shade has sold out in my local Mac store. Happily there was other ones in stock I've really liked and so I've settled for "Devil's Food" shimmery brown with a gloss finish, and "Embrace Me" perfect shade of bright pink for me. I've always wanted to get "Candy Yum Yum", but I just felt like the shade was too pale for my liking, "Embrace Me" is technically the same shade, but more intense. £14

That's all I got from Mac, I wasn't really keen on the lipglossses or nail varnishes. Make sure to take a look at the whole collection here: http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk/whats_new/10904/New-Collections/baking-beauties/index.tmpl
Next stop? Nars! 

I am absolutely in love with using bright eyeshadows as eyeliner with a slight touch of black liner, with a colour popping from the back! When I looked at "What's New" on Nars website and noticed "Fashion Rebel" an eyeshadow duo with yellow "Dandelion" and dark lavender "African Violet", I knew this was like the perfect summer essential for me! I went to the Nars counter with only question was "have you got this in stock?" heavenly "yes" made my day. I've never tried any of the Nars eyeshadows, but oh my days the quality is breath taking so I'll be certainly coming back for a lot more! £25 Available here: http://www.narscosmetics.co.uk/the-latest/what-s-new/~/fashion-rebel-duo-eyeshadow

Here it is! Quite a tiny, but happy beauty haul! Let me know if you'd like to see more of those? Also I'll be sure to do a spectate reviews on pain pots and Nars eyeshadows, so keep your eyes wide open for that! 

Cloud x

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Mac Lipsticks #3 Bombshell

Mac Lipstick with a very catchy name? Yup, you've it right we're talking about Bombshell.
On Mac website Bombshell is described as Bright-Rosy Pink with Shimmer, so damn right. Only thing that is highly incorrect is the colour that's being showed, which is nowhere near Rosy Pink.

Swatches time! Unfortunately it was quite cloudy that day so I wasn't able to photograph these in the sunshine. However what I can tell you is how beautiful and light catching the shimmer in this lipstick is! Personally for me this is Nars' orgasm blush in a lipstick, that's right. Golden shimmer gorgeously "melting" into the bright, rosy pink gets a big yes-yes from me. 

Skin tone-wise similar like with Sunny Seoul this shade would show up best on light to medium skin tones, it would look great on darker skin tones as a wash of pink colour with  glossy finish. 

Here is what Bombshell looks like after wearing it for around 3 hours, surprisingly for a frost finish it's quite long lasting.
Just to mention what kind of look I paired it with; I went for taupe'y brown all over the lid and then took darker chocolate eyeshadow and used it as an eyeliner. This shade would be perfect to tone down a strong smoky eye as well as a natural pop of colour just when you feel like wearing nothing else, but a little bit of foundation & mascara. 
Bombshell has a frost finish, which stands for great colour pay off with medium to high amount of shimmer. These unlike Amplified lipsticks are very light formula, and you don't really feel like you're wearing a lipstick.

And that's it for today's Mac Lipstick Wednesday, keep your eyes opened for next week, because I have a shade loved by many hated by (almost) none.
Can you guess what's going to be?

Cloud x

Monday, 13 May 2013

Homemade Vegan Starbucks Strawberries & Cream

If you love Starbucks, Strawberries and you're a healthy eating maniac like myself you're in the right place.
Today I'm going to show you how do I prepare my homemade vegan Strawberries & Cream cocktail.

All you'll need is:
Ice cubes,
Strawberries & Raspberries (or any fruits of your choice),
Soy Milk,
One table spoon of brown sugar,
Coconut flakes (optional).

And don't forget about the blender!
Step 1!
First you'd need to create the base, for which I've used 6 ice cubes and 350ml of soy milk. Put both of those in and mix!
Step 2!
Then prepare your fruit (wash them thoughtfully and chop into little pieces). And chuck everything into the blender your fruit, sugar and the coconut flakes.. Yup you've got it right, it's time to press the button again!

Here's a little birds view to what it all looks like before it's blended.

Now blended! You should end up with a gorgeous fluffy, creamy cocktail!
Enjoy it in your favourite cup! Here I've used the new reusable cup from Starbucks, which saves you money up every time you bring it along to your Starbucks shop. 

Make sure to tag me on istagram if you're going to give this a go at #clooudylemonade

Cloud x

Sunday, 12 May 2013

12th of May Rainy Outfit of the Day ft. Lavender Wellies

If you live in North West England you've probably experienced some quite HEAVY showers.. what for me means only one thing. LAVENDER WELLIES!
I love these, lavender is my favourite colour so when I was choosing the colour of my first ever Hunters well I had to get these. Today however I'll show you how I styled these.

Starting of with the stars of the day:
Hunter Wellies, Original Gloss in Lavender, size 5, £85
TopShop Cream Over-knee socks, £4
TopShop JAMIE Jeans, W26 L30 size 8, (I believe they were) £30
TopShop Starry Shirt from Kate Moss Collection, Size 8 £28
River Island bag, (around) £30

And finally my parka is from Fat Face, which I got absolutely million years ago and this was around £80.

Hope where you live the sun is shining, if not.. you always have colourful wellies to brighten up your day!

Cloud x

Friday, 10 May 2013

Too Faced Liquif Eye Eye-Shadow Transformer Eyeliner

If you've seen my April's favourites then you are probably very happy to see this post! Today I'll be reviewing this amaaaaaaaaaaazing Too Faced Eye-Shadow Transformer. Hold on tight, because this little gem will blow you away!

Okay first it looks very innocent, basically in the packaging and inside it looks like your regular eyeliner.. but clear.
What it really is, it's a magical potion of liquid witchcraft (not literally). It's a liquid, which in conjunction with regular powder (not cream) eyeshadow will create a liquid eyeliner!

If you'll take care of this baby and clean the applicator with a dry paper towel, you'll save yourself a lot of money and create variety of amazing looks with colourful eyeliner, which is very very popular this season.

To show you how this works I'll be using my limited edition Estee Lauder eyeshadow in Blue Storm, which is a very gorgeous blue colour with some yellow&green particles.

What I like to do before I begin is apply an eye-shadow primer and then some white eye-shadow on the top. What I do next is take the Eye-Shadow Transformer and slightly dip it in the eyeshadow and just get some product on the applicator. And simply apply it as a regular eyeliner!

You can intensify the colour by either getting more product on the applicator, applying a couple of layers or when you're done with using the Eye-Shadow Transformer just pat some more eye-shadow on the top of the line you've just created.

Here's the finished look, with some mascara and black pencil eye-liner at the top waterline of my eye.

Onto the review! I'm giving this baby 8 lemon points! This product has (almost) no faults, everyone needs this is their lives! Your mum, your cousin and your dog too!
It's super easy to use,
The whole idea of this product is very innovative, (a lot of brands do "activating gels" or "sealing gels", which basically do the same job, this however is designed especially for eye-shadow and is so much more convenient to use),
Great to travel with, you don't need to mix anything or use any extra tools,
Easy to clean and maintain, all you need is a dry paper towel to remove access product from the applicator,
Massive money saver, instead of buying a lot of colourful eye-liners (which you can do anyway) you're great to have just this one product, 
You can create a very sheer or intense eye-liner with these, it's a very buildable product,
I love the applicator that comes with the liquid, great to create a cat eye look,
Also it's only £14, which is what you'd normally pay for a good quality eyeliner, yet this is so much more multi-purpose.

I presume this is pretty useless for make-up artists, to use on clients (it would be unhygienic to use the same applicator on different people, even if you'd use only on one person you still have to put it back in, which means it would be in the contact with the liquid contaminating it with bacteria harmless for the person that used it first, but potentially harmful for someone else),
Also even though I love the applicator I had some eyeliners with such applicator and it kind of got minging after a while and totally unable to use, I'm hoping it'll be different, but something tells me it isn't going to be. I'll keep you updated on that one!

And that's it for today guys!

Hope this was helpful.


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