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Sunday, 12 May 2013

12th of May Rainy Outfit of the Day ft. Lavender Wellies

If you live in North West England you've probably experienced some quite HEAVY showers.. what for me means only one thing. LAVENDER WELLIES!
I love these, lavender is my favourite colour so when I was choosing the colour of my first ever Hunters well I had to get these. Today however I'll show you how I styled these.

Starting of with the stars of the day:
Hunter Wellies, Original Gloss in Lavender, size 5, £85
TopShop Cream Over-knee socks, £4
TopShop JAMIE Jeans, W26 L30 size 8, (I believe they were) £30
TopShop Starry Shirt from Kate Moss Collection, Size 8 £28
River Island bag, (around) £30

And finally my parka is from Fat Face, which I got absolutely million years ago and this was around £80.

Hope where you live the sun is shining, if not.. you always have colourful wellies to brighten up your day!

Cloud x


  1. I really really want a pair of hunters for festivals this summer but just can't justify the price! Seeing this makes me think twice though...help! Absolutely love how you've styled these, so cute! Xxx

    1. Hunter wellies, will last you honestly A LIFETIME.
      They're not just a fashion statement, but also a great investment!
      I'd say they're really worth it <3
      Cloud x

    2. That's a good way to look at it! Thankyou for your reply, if I end up splashing the cash I will definitely make a blog post ;) haha xxx


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