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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Mac Lipsticks #1 Sunny Seoul

I was thinking about ideas for blogposts, and I realised that my most popular image on Instagram is of exactly Mac Lipsticks (which I have ridiculous amount of). That's exactly what I'm going to do, tell you everything about each and every one of them. Every Wednesday you can expect a new blogpost on different Mac lipstick and a look that would go with it!
I'm super excited about starting these series, so let's kick off with Sunny Seoul!

Mac describes this shade as "Frosted light warm pink", and in a short story that's exactly what is is.
It's a warm colour with very fine silver/pearl particles in it. Sunny Seoul would look amazing on every skin tone, on more paler people it looks lovely and natural giving you a pop of pink and on ladies of colour this works great as a sheer glossy yellow-under toned soft pink.
This is what it looks like in the sunshine. It looks a little bit coral'ish, but this is most certainly a pink shade.

And without sunshine/in the shadow.
On the left I lightly swatched it and the right side represents stain power of this lipstick, and what it looks like after it has been in the contact with skin for a couple of hours.

 Please excuse my skin discolouration, and the quality of the image.
On this picture however you can see the intensity of the colour itself on the lips, without any lip-liners or primers.

Here's how I decided to use this shade.
I went for gold eyeshadow, and peachy cheeks. This picture washes out the true colour of Sunny Seoul, but as you could see on the previous images it's quite of a strong, but lightweight pink.

Now I'll just mention the texture and finish, this is a Creme Sheen. Creme Sheen, which means it's very creamy and has a semi-opaque colour coverage. This has a beautiful glossy finish, which would look fabulous not just on its own, but also over a more intense shade. 

And here we are!
Hope you've enjoyed this, and keep your eyes open for next Wednesday for the next part!

Cloud x


  1. Hey, Kitty North from instagram! Love the Mac lipstick reviews. Keep them up! xox

  2. omg, love this color!
    i'll try and find it here. loved it!

    Blog da Sandra Costa


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