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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Mac Lipsticks #3 Bombshell

Mac Lipstick with a very catchy name? Yup, you've it right we're talking about Bombshell.
On Mac website Bombshell is described as Bright-Rosy Pink with Shimmer, so damn right. Only thing that is highly incorrect is the colour that's being showed, which is nowhere near Rosy Pink.

Swatches time! Unfortunately it was quite cloudy that day so I wasn't able to photograph these in the sunshine. However what I can tell you is how beautiful and light catching the shimmer in this lipstick is! Personally for me this is Nars' orgasm blush in a lipstick, that's right. Golden shimmer gorgeously "melting" into the bright, rosy pink gets a big yes-yes from me. 

Skin tone-wise similar like with Sunny Seoul this shade would show up best on light to medium skin tones, it would look great on darker skin tones as a wash of pink colour with  glossy finish. 

Here is what Bombshell looks like after wearing it for around 3 hours, surprisingly for a frost finish it's quite long lasting.
Just to mention what kind of look I paired it with; I went for taupe'y brown all over the lid and then took darker chocolate eyeshadow and used it as an eyeliner. This shade would be perfect to tone down a strong smoky eye as well as a natural pop of colour just when you feel like wearing nothing else, but a little bit of foundation & mascara. 
Bombshell has a frost finish, which stands for great colour pay off with medium to high amount of shimmer. These unlike Amplified lipsticks are very light formula, and you don't really feel like you're wearing a lipstick.

And that's it for today's Mac Lipstick Wednesday, keep your eyes opened for next week, because I have a shade loved by many hated by (almost) none.
Can you guess what's going to be?

Cloud x

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