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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Mac Lipsticks #4 Dark Side

Dark side, one of my all time favourites! I'm super excited to review this amazing cherry shade with a slight purple undertone, so let's jump right into it!

Dark side is described as a dark burgundy, and surprisingly the swatch on the Mac webside matches the shade quite accurately. I think this would be perfect shade for a "bold lip" kind of look, with flawless base, strong eyebrows, some mascara and contour. I however decided to go on a full swing with the Dark Side and paired it up with silver smoky eye and perfect eyeliner.

Here's the swatch in the shadow.
And here's one in the sunshine, it looks more red in the sun comparing to the swatches in the shadow, which I'd say looks more purple.

Skin tone wise I think all of the skin colours could pull this colour off, on pale tones like myself it can look a little intense so few strokes of bronzer should do the job, whilst ladies of colour could enjoy this shade without any inconveniences. The only thing is the stain power  which would remain on lighter skin for much longer, whilst darker skin tones would need to reapply a couple of times in order to keep the colour intense and visible.

Especially with such dark shade you would need to use a lip-liner  in order to achieve that perfect coloured lip. I'd recommend trying out Mac Beet or Nightmoth.
This is an amplified finish, which stands for a creamy highly pigmented texture. Extremely long wear, with a great stain power. Overall: one of my all time favourites!

Stay tuned for next week!

Cloud x

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  1. this shade looks amazing on you, im so gonna get it :) x


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