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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Mac Paintpots

Aloha everyone, hope you're having a fabulous day! Today I'll be reviewing the paint pots I bought last week, which I have also featured in a blogpost (http://clooudylemonade.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/mini-beauty-haul-mac-baker-collection.html). Let's begin!
I'll start off with the beautiful sleek, glass packaging, which indeed makes a "attire" for a cream eye-shadow.
I have to admit it's quite bulky and heavy, what makes it very inconvenient if you're a make-up artist or if you're travelling. However just for the home use there's absolutely no faults with the packaging.

Personally I've never used Mac Paint pots, so my opinion is going to be based on shades Let's Skate (pinky shimmery with gold sparkle) and Éclair (rich brown with warm toned shimmer), although the formulation of these is always going to be the same regardless of the shade you can get these in different finished e.g. Matte, Shimmer.
Painpots are a part of the Pro Longwear collection, what means they're enriched with ingredient that make them super long lasting and trust me the swatches you see below wouldn't leave my hand all day and night.
So without a good eye-make up remover these ain't going anywhere! I was especially surprised by the creaminess, texture, exceptional pigmentation and by how long lasting they are. For me those thing really made those stand out in comparison to other cream eye-shadows out there.
 Onto the actual review! I'm going to score Mac's Paint Pots with 8 lemon points!
Fabulous points:
Amazing pigmentation,
Extremely long lasting,
Makes a great base for a powder eye shadow,
Also works wonders on it's own,
Intensity of the shade can be builded up,
Super creamy,
Come in a variety of finishes and shades.

Not so great points:
Those are quite pricey, the retail price is £14. Personally I think you don't pay for the brand, you certainly pay for the quality.
And the packaging, I travel a lot so I might have to leave some stuff behind in order to fit this in.

Here's just a quick and simple way to use a paint pot!
What I did below is:
applied a little bit of Éclair with my ring finger,
blended the edges in with a fluffy brush,
builded up the intensity with my ring finger at the outer corners,
popped some of the paint pot under my lower lash line with a pencil brush,
and then the last thing I did was to add some eye liner, fill my eyebrows in and round all look up with black mascara. 

Here's the finished look! Looks put together, goes with everything and no fall-outs!
Overall.. I am most certainly going to be purchasing more shades!

Cloud x

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