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Friday, 31 May 2013

Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycra Flex Mascara

Heelloooo! I couple of you requested more reviews from the Drug Store products as opposed to Highend products. Your wish is my command, I went ahead and without any research bought a couple of drug store products, which reviews of you should see shortly!

So today I'm going to be reviewing Rimmel's Scandaleyes Lycra Flex Mascara, basically transiting it into an understandable name: mascara with a big-ass wand, which supposed to give you ridiculous volume without making them clumpy and stiff (hence the Lycra). 

Well that sounds like a lot of promises, but has it actually got anything to do with the truth? 

I have been using it for about a week now, and I feel like I'm hell ready to rate it!
I'm going to score this mascara with 4 lemon points!
Since there's more negative points I'll kick of with those:

 Pretty much everything what Rimmel claims this mascara is supposed to do, isn't working,
 I find it absolutely impossible to build up,
just with the 2nd coat I've noticed some serious clumping going on,
 Quite of a nightmare to remove, and it's not the waterproof formula,
 Because of the VERY LARGE (and I mean HUGE) size of the wand, applying the products into the lower lashes is a skill,
 Lashes felt really stiff. I'm not too sure whether Rimmel was being stingy on the Lycra or what happen there, but the flexibleness definitely wasn't there,
  And lastly, I personally felt like this mascara was seriously weighting my lashes down. Curling my lashes before hang was pretty much pointless. 

Great points:
 Well it certainly did last all day long,
 No smudging or flaking at all,
 Great price £6.99,
 And even though the massive wand didn't do any justice for the bottom lashes, it most definitely did a pretty good job on the top ones applying the product very generously from the root to the tip!

Those are just my opinions. I have quite of normal lashes, not too short, not growing down or anyhow stubborn; simply average. I personally won't be repurchasing this mascara, but I surely will be cheating out some of the other ones out there!
Be sure to give me any recommendations!

Until next time, have a cloudylicious day!
Cloud x 

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