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Friday, 10 May 2013

Too Faced Liquif Eye Eye-Shadow Transformer Eyeliner

If you've seen my April's favourites then you are probably very happy to see this post! Today I'll be reviewing this amaaaaaaaaaaazing Too Faced Eye-Shadow Transformer. Hold on tight, because this little gem will blow you away!

Okay first it looks very innocent, basically in the packaging and inside it looks like your regular eyeliner.. but clear.
What it really is, it's a magical potion of liquid witchcraft (not literally). It's a liquid, which in conjunction with regular powder (not cream) eyeshadow will create a liquid eyeliner!

If you'll take care of this baby and clean the applicator with a dry paper towel, you'll save yourself a lot of money and create variety of amazing looks with colourful eyeliner, which is very very popular this season.

To show you how this works I'll be using my limited edition Estee Lauder eyeshadow in Blue Storm, which is a very gorgeous blue colour with some yellow&green particles.

What I like to do before I begin is apply an eye-shadow primer and then some white eye-shadow on the top. What I do next is take the Eye-Shadow Transformer and slightly dip it in the eyeshadow and just get some product on the applicator. And simply apply it as a regular eyeliner!

You can intensify the colour by either getting more product on the applicator, applying a couple of layers or when you're done with using the Eye-Shadow Transformer just pat some more eye-shadow on the top of the line you've just created.

Here's the finished look, with some mascara and black pencil eye-liner at the top waterline of my eye.

Onto the review! I'm giving this baby 8 lemon points! This product has (almost) no faults, everyone needs this is their lives! Your mum, your cousin and your dog too!
It's super easy to use,
The whole idea of this product is very innovative, (a lot of brands do "activating gels" or "sealing gels", which basically do the same job, this however is designed especially for eye-shadow and is so much more convenient to use),
Great to travel with, you don't need to mix anything or use any extra tools,
Easy to clean and maintain, all you need is a dry paper towel to remove access product from the applicator,
Massive money saver, instead of buying a lot of colourful eye-liners (which you can do anyway) you're great to have just this one product, 
You can create a very sheer or intense eye-liner with these, it's a very buildable product,
I love the applicator that comes with the liquid, great to create a cat eye look,
Also it's only £14, which is what you'd normally pay for a good quality eyeliner, yet this is so much more multi-purpose.

I presume this is pretty useless for make-up artists, to use on clients (it would be unhygienic to use the same applicator on different people, even if you'd use only on one person you still have to put it back in, which means it would be in the contact with the liquid contaminating it with bacteria harmless for the person that used it first, but potentially harmful for someone else),
Also even though I love the applicator I had some eyeliners with such applicator and it kind of got minging after a while and totally unable to use, I'm hoping it'll be different, but something tells me it isn't going to be. I'll keep you updated on that one!

And that's it for today guys!

Hope this was helpful.


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