I started off sugary, sweet and very saturated, now that I have lost all those qualities I'm left with something which starts to look a little more like me. It's a never-ending process of change.
Stick around?


Sunday, 30 June 2013

DIY: Cute Makeup/Brush Pots

 I've never done a DIY post before, and my brush/ make-up holfers were due for an upgrade.. so why not combine the two together? I always HAVE to put my personal touch on literally everything, here's how I transformed honey-pots into a very usable make-up/brush holders... with GLITTER! Oh yes, glitter makes everything better.

 You'll need:
-Fairly big glass pots (or any other container of your choice) I've used honey pots from TK MAXX £2.99 each,
-Some kind of glass gems or little crystals (you'll need them to fill the bottoms of your jars) I've used pastry weights (that's right) from TK MAXX £3.99,
-Glitter (obviously) regardless of whatever you're using put glitter in it, it'll make everything better, I got mine form a crafts store £1.99.
-Ribbons (they're cute, you'll need those) mine is from a local crafts store £1,

 Okay so first of all what you'll want to do is fill the bottoms of your containers with your gems or whatever you're using and then add a FAIR amount of glitter, close the jar and shake it all up!
Then pop the ribbon on the top of the jar (what you could do is apply a little glue beforehand so the ribbon doesn't move).. and really you're done! The point is to make things that you though would never work, work! If your containers are made of glass you could also get those glass paints and make some cute flowers or so and stick those on the jars, I wouldn't recommend using nail-varnishes, because those would be a nightmare to get rid of once you'll get sick of the pattern.

 Would you like to see more of these? Please let me know in the comments below!

Cloud x

Friday, 28 June 2013

Make-Up Haul Part 2. "NK Space Online"

 Here we are the the part 2 of my collective haul (if you haven't seen the part one click here: http://clooudylemonade.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/make-up-haul-part1-brighton.html), and yup very much after my lovely first ever visit to NK Space I had to buy more things online.

 I'll begin with the whole reason I decided to buy more things online, the sample size of Caudalie Divine Legs illuminating and tanning lotion. Never before in my life I was blown away by the sample of the product so much I had to purchase the full size IMMEDIATELY. What makes the big deal out of this is also the fact that I've never in my life used any kind of tanning products, neither that I've ever been interested in any shape or form of tanning I'm pale and I love it, I hide from sun and wear more sun-cream at once than a large family on a 2-week holiday in Portugal (bit over exaggerated here, but you got the idea). The whole point is I'm not a fan of tanning, so for me to use anything that would make me any darker is like having snow in July in UK, sort of unrealistic Disney-like. Caudalie managed the unmanageable, and now I'm a proud owner of tanning product. £26 http://uk.spacenk.com/DIVINE-LEGS/UK200010380,en_GB,pd.html

 And, because I was £34 away from a free delivery (looking for excuses here), I decided to get another Nars palette, blush one this time! Palette with a very catchy name *wink* "Foreplay Palette", I loved the colours and I've wanted to compare the multpile of Orgasm with the powder, which was included in the palette.. All the signs of the sky told me to buy this palette! Palette includes shades:
  • Peach Matte Blush
  • Gold Highlighting Blush
  • Pink Matte Blush
  • Orgasm Blush 
  • £39.50 (it's a limited edition) http://uk.spacenk.com/FOREPLAY-PALETTE/MUK200009089,en_GB,pd.html?start=7&cgid=SPUK3010206

     Reviews of the both products are coming up verrrrrrrrrrrry soon!

     As you can see on the picture, the lovely NK Space also included a lot of samples.. that might be dangerous, last time it happened I had to buy the full-size product! Beware of samples from NK Space!

    ...I did more shopping online, so there's part 3 coming up, I'm addicted.

    Cloud x

    Wednesday, 26 June 2013

    Mac Lipsticks #9 Tangerine Dream

     Knowing that "ALL ABOUT ORANGE" from, which I have purchased latest addition to my Mac Lipsticks Collection is a limited edition I decided not to hesitate and present you with swatches and a little review so that if you'd be interested you might be able to still get hold of this shade! Don't worry if it has sold out online, you're still very likely to be able to purchase this in Mac Store.

     I personally have a massive love affair with Orange lipsticks, it all began with Mac's Morange (http://clooudylemonade.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/mac-lipsticks-2-morange.html?q=morange), and Mac coming out with a collection "All about orange" was like a sign from heaven.

     When I went to the Mac store they're almost sold out leaving me with about the choice of two products I didn't like the lipgloss or whatever it was so I went ahead and purchased the "Tangerine Dream" lisptick with a very appealing name and an interesting shade.

     Tangerine Dream is very far shade-wise from Morange and certainly shouldn't be compared, yes they're both orange, but in such different ways! Tangerine Dream is an orange with a quite yellow under-tone and glossy finish. I paired this sheer shade with quite toned down, yet still colourful eye make-up. In the inner corners I've applied turquoise shade, which then transformed into dark lilac in the outer corners and of course some black liner to tie it all up together!

     You do need to apply it a couple of times in order to get the most pay off colour-wise, and I get the impression that if you're darker skin tone you'd really need a lipliner underneath it, otherwise it'd look like a yellow lipgloss. For more fairer tones however you can get away with wearing this without a lipliner, but I'd still recommend wearing one just so you can get more opaque colour. (On the pictures I wore just the lipstick without anything underneath so you can get the idea of how does the lipstick shows up on the skin).

     Tangerine Dream has a Lustre finish, hence its sheerness and glossiness. Because of those it's not AS pigmented as a matte finish would be, making totally unique and different.

     I really, really loved looking at other swatches of the lipsticks from the rest of the collection and I'm planning on making a little trip around Mac Stores on the hunt for the other colours. Wish me luck!

    Cloud x

    Tuesday, 25 June 2013

    How To: Style colourful sandals

     To begin with I'd like to apologise for the lack of fashion related blog-posts, I've been really busy lately (but of course that's not excuse). I promise to post at least one blog-post about fashion/styling/oots per week!
    Onto today's topic!

     On my intagram I've posted a couple of pictures of the sandals I got from Doc. Martens, which are this beautiful looking coral summery style shoes! I've picked out 3 outfits I though they look great with, so here they are! Of course you can just pick any colourful sandals if the Doc. Marten's aren't your cup of tea.

     Outfit no.1 "Picnic Party"
    I though this outfit would be perfect for a day out somewhere outdoors or a picnic, because it's comfortable, cute yet still has that festival style vibe.
    H&M dress, size 8
    H&M bag
    River Island, long shorts, size 6
    Urban Outfitters, sunglasses
    (all of the pieces from this outfit were purchased months ago, so none of it is available in stores any more).

     Outfit no.2 "Modern Class"
    I really wanted to keep one of those outfits quite elegant yet quirky, so what I've done is wore those colourful sandals with otherwise very muted look.
    H&M blazer, size 6
    Zara top, size S
    TopShop Jamie jeans, size 8
    TopShop bag

    image from another ootd, it's just close up of the bag ;)

     Outfit no.3 "Nanny Walk"
    The main focus point of this look is this crochet dress (hence nanny), and it's the kind of outfit I'd wore for more formal kind of occasion. I feel like the leather jacket and coral shoes dress down the whole outfit making it a whole lot more day-time suitable.
    TopShop dress, size 8
    Zara leather jacket, size S
    River Island bag

    (literally all of the pieces from the outfits were purchased months ago, so none of it is available in stores any more).
    If you'd like to read more about the shoes click here: http://clooudylemonade.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/mini-shoe-blog-zara-doc-martens-top-shop.html?q=haul

    Please, please, please give me feedback of what did you think of this "styling post"? Would you like to see more? I was thinking about making one on How To: Style oversized blazers?
    I'd love to hear from you!

    Cloud x

    Sunday, 23 June 2013

    Make-Up Haul Part 1. "Brighton"

     If you follow me on Instagram (and I hope you do?), you've seen the video I've posted of couple of products I've purchased recently. I din't buy it all at once so I though I'd do a couple of blog-posts and talk about each one in more depth. Stop 1, Brighton!

     I went away for a couple of days to Brighton (which was lovely by the way, if you live in Brighton I'm jealous), and of course my main destination was NK Space! Unfortunately in Liverpool we don't have NK Space, so knowing I'd be going down South I had to put visit to NK Space on my "to do" list. Before I'll jump into the haul itself I'd like to give the ladies from NK Space in Brighton a massive credits, because they were absolutely lovely! I had a great experience there, so I highly recommend stopping by if you're ever going to be in Brighton!

     What has drawn me into the NK Space are the exclusive products available to purchase just through the brand, Nars does a lot of exclusives for NK Space and so I had to get something... Couldn't resist the "and God created the woman" palette, which didn't just contain 6 eyeshadows, but also a brush (which is really good) and a sample size of their eyeshadow primer! £40.50 available just from NK Space http://uk.spacenk.com/AND-GOD-CREATED-THE-WOMAN-PALETTE/MUK200010118,en_GB,pd.html
     Palette includes the shades:
     I'll put the swatches up once I'll do the review on it!

     Next thing you can't get hold of in North West is Hourglass, Goss Make-up Artists keeps going on about how amazing the brand is.. I believe him! I needed at least a little taste of the brand, so I choose to buy the Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light. It's a setting powder that's supposed to (wait for it) "deliver a multi-dimensional luminescence to every skin tone". £38 http://uk.spacenk.com/AMBIENT-LIGHTING-POWDER/MUS300023943,en_GB,pd.html?dwvar_MUS300023943_color=US300023945&start=1&cgid=BRANDS&prefn1=brand&prefv1=HOURGLASS Sounds great doesn't it! Review coming up soon.

     And lastly as a form of tradition I visited Mac, just because it wouldn't feel right doing make-up shopping and not get a Mac lipstick. Mac has a limited edition Orange collection, well orange lipstick? Sounds appealing to me, especially when it's called "Tangerine Dream". I'm going to feature this shade on Mac Lipstick Wednesday very soon! £14 http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk/product/shaded/10996/310/New-Collections/all-about-orange/Lips/Lipstick/index.tmpl

     Very much intrigued by my firs ever visit to NK Space I purchased more things online... That's going to be the part 2!

    I'm pretty sure NK Space might be my new favourite shop everrrrrr!
    Watch out for part 2!

    Cloud x

    Empties #3

    No.3 Emtpies post is here!

    Someone asked me: why do I seem to be uploading these once a month, yet I don't name them monthly empties? The reason being is, because depending on the products it takes me longer/shorter than a month to finish them and my point is to keep the variety rather than show you what exactly I used up in that particular month. If I'd be doing that all you'd be seeing every month would be a load of shampoos, conditioners, Nivea creams and tooth pastes.. how deep.

    As you know I'm keeping these in categories: Beauty, Hair & Body. I would have added nail category, but it takes me absolutely bloody years to finish a nail varnish. In fact I don't think I ever loved any so much I actually finished it, hmm..

    This time I'll start with my most amazing and loved empty product, which is from the HAIR category.
    Toni&Guy Shimmer Mist for all Brunettes. This stuff, OH MY! It's just flawless.
    This is a finishing spray, which has a tiny shimmer particles in and it just makes your hair super soft and ever so slightly shimmery. The shimmer isn't visible, but it's light reflective and it just looks so beautiful. It also has some sort of brown pigment in this, so you are not left with any white residue. This is definitely not powdery and unlike dry shampoo you don't have to work it in. You just spray it on styled hair and you're ready to rock!
    The key is not to use a lot, because I feel like it works a little like serum, and you most definitely can easily go over boat with this. I got this baby from TK MAXX a while back for £4.99, I did look at Boots and it's not there so I'm going to have to look up at Amazon, because I need this stuff!! Almost repurchased, recommended
    Good old Amazon; http://www.amazon.co.uk/Toni-Guy-Shimmer-Brunettes-200ml/dp/B006BZ5IKA I've ordered another 2

    Now it's FACE-time!
    Nive original, yes.. again. I know, I know. I go through this stuff so, so damn quick. But I love it, it's amazing and I've honestly used some pretty ridiculously priced moisturising creams, and I keep coming back to this.
    You can get this EVERYWHERE, no point even me linking you to thins.
    Already repurchased, recommended

    Lush Catastrophe Cosmetics fresh face mask, ya'll know I love my Lush fresh face masks and I just keep trying all the different ones. This time I got Catastrophe Cosmetics one, which has blueberries in it and it smells really pretty. What this mask is supposed to do is calm down and prevent any breakouts, I used it for the other reason and I must say it did a pretty good job. As well as helping with skin issues it also smooths and makes your skin feel super fresh. Big thumbs up from me! £5.95 Already repurchased a different Lush mask to try out, recommended

    SKIN. This time I only have one skin product, which is Body Shop Watermelon Pasteque.
    Basically watermelon body lotion.. and if you know me at least a little bit then you know that I'm ALL ABOUT WATERMELONS. This smelt so damn amazing, I could just sit and sniff it all day.
    Made your skin feeling moisturised and smelling like watermelon, what more can you ask for?
    Unfortunately this got discontinued, and I got this last bottle for free at work.

    And last, but not least Make-up. I've managed to go through my Revlon Lip Butter in Berry-Smoothie.
    Quite nice red-ish colour with a slight purple undertone. Goes very nice on your lips, has a pretty glossy finish and it doesn't dry out your lips! I'm going to do a separate blog-post on these so be sure to look out for that! I don't think I'll be repurchasing this particular shade again, because Revlon came out with so many amazing shades this season that I want to try them as soon as possible. Going to repurchase different shades, recommended

    And thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat's it for my 3rd not empties post!
    As always I hope you've enjoyed this, I'll be sure to keep linking you to most of products from now on!

    Cloud x

    Saturday, 22 June 2013

    Liebster Award, Share the Love

    First of all it's Liebster Award, not Lobster (sad face). I decided to call it "Share the Love", because that's what I feel it is: you join the big family of bloggers, you get tagged by one of them, you tag others and so the family grows! Let's share the loooooooooooooooooove everybody!

    I've been tagged by the amazing Andrea from www.madnessandmusings.com, and I'm so happy to be able to participate in this project so thank you so much for tagging me! If you'd like to see Andrea's post be sure to click here: http://www.madnessandmusings.com/liebster-award-nomination-2013/

     It's super simple and here's how it works:
    1. Answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you
    2. List down 11 random facts about yourself.
    3. Nominate 11 other bloggers that you’d like to get to know better.
    4. Write your set of 11 questions for other bloggers.
    5. No tagging back!

     My questions from Andrea are:

    1. What is your favorite mascara of all time?
     I'm going to get a little bit sentimental here (get your tissues ready). I remember when I've just started getting more interested in make-up and I went on holiday and I remember my mum just saying "pick what you want, we have to go soon" so then I went to the Dior counter and picked up Dior Show mascara. This was about 6 maybe 7 years ago, I haven't found a better mascara ever since. 
    2. Do you have a specific morning beauty routine? If so then what?
     Regardless of how late I am (I'm always late, it's just the case of HOW LATE I am) I need to use a gentle face scrub, use a thick moisturiser and wait for it to dry.
    3. What is one beauty product/ any product that you can’t live without?
     One product?! Are you for real? Well since I can't just settle on one thing, I'm going to cheat a littlw and say make-up palettes. Too Faced makes amazing make-up palettes, that don't just contain the eye shadows, but concealer, cream blush etc.  
    4. What does your everyday makeup bag possess?
     Setting powder in case my t-zone would get a little oily, little blush, eye-brow powder, the lipstick I'm wearing that day, felt-tip eyeliner and a lot of samples of creams, shower gels etc (you never know where you're going to end up). 
    5. What has been a really influential book or magazine to you/ your life?
     Forgive me the lack of originality, but it has to be Vogue for the magazine. And books oh there's so many! I think a big titles for me are: Phantom of the Opera, Atonement, Pollyanna and Devil Wears Prada.
    6. What is a Nail polish color that you always find yourself wearing and never gets old?
     Orange!. Regardless of the time of the year, regardless of the age.
    7. What’s in your morning cup? Tea, coffee, or something else?
     I'm not a coffee/tea drinker, never was and never will be. I always have a bottle of Evian not further than a meter away from me.
    8. What beauty item do you have the most of?
    9. What is your favorite thing to do in the summer time?
     Quite ironic, but to work and to party! 
    10. What is one food that you just can’t stand?
     Fruit loaf (eeeeeeeeee, makes me gag thinking about it).
    11. If you could only wear one color lipstick for the rest of your life what would it be?

    That's the end! I had so much fun picking out my nominees and writing the answers down!
    Be sure to link me to your answers for my questions which are:

    1. What intrigues you about the power of make-up the most?
    2. What's your one statement piece of closet you can never have enough of?
    3. Heels or flats, and why?
    4. Blue eyeshadow; passé or trendy?
    5. Do you get sucked in by the packaging of the make-up product?
    6.What's your biggest hair secret?
    7. Favourite make-up/clothing store?
    8. The part of your face you spend the most on whilst doing your make-up?
    9. The clothing trend that came back, you wish wouldn't?
    10. Nail varnish brand you swear by?
    11. And lastly, what made you want to create a blog?

    I'm tagging :
    and Eline from http://www.relove.nl/ (ig. @elinejuliette91 @rox0988)
    Amazing sisters from Netherlands. I can't read a single thing, but I love their blog! I think I need a Dutch course ASAP!
    Ally from http://ally.substance.cc/ (ig. @substance_blog)
    This chick knows her fashion shit, trust me!
    Becka from http://jamanjee.blogspot.ie/ (ig. @jamanjee)
    She's passionate, she's interested and she's super cute!
    Becky from http://beautyandtheb1.blogspot.co.uk/ (ig. @beautyandtheb)
    Fantabulous blonde! So creative and really pretty (jelous).
    Taylor from http://rlyrandomreviews.blogspot.co.uk/ (ig. @simplybeautyblog)
    Her commitment is truly inspiring! 
    Holly from http://teaandblush.blogspot.co.uk/ (ig. @hollylucyhp)
    Dayuuuummmm probably the cutest blog going!
    Cole from http://colewalks.com/ (ig.@colewalks)
    True girl about town, intelligent, independent! Massive inspiration!
    Chell from http://www.polishwonderland.com/ (ig. @ochell)
    From massive love to nail-varnishes to well informative posts about contact lenses! Amazing girl!
    Sofia from http://doodledovedays.blogspot.co.uk/ (ig.@cocofiadreamstomuch)
    Experimenting with clothes and fashion has never been so fun, and Sofia makes it look so easy!
    Chloé from http://wantwall.blogspot.co.uk/ (ig. @mag_hag)
    Her blog is like a spoon of sugar, so many interesting things I don't know what to read first!
    Lilit from http://www.makeupandmacaroons.com/ (ig.@lilitsblog)
    Cute, experienced and super lovely! This girl knows what she's talking about!

    Here we are! This was so much joy to write I'm dying to ready your answers!
    My beautiful nominees keep the hard work up, you're doing exceptional!
    Share the looooooooooooooooooooooove!

    Cloud x

    Friday, 21 June 2013

    SOS Makeup

     SOS = Spots, oh spots.. we all hate them, and we all get them (some more often, some less often).
    Lately my forehead has transformed itself into a battlefield, and trust me the blood has been shed. Of course the main thing is to work with the right skincare, but also with the right make-up.
     Since I'm suffering with massive war happening on my forehead as we speak, I though why not show you what make-up I use whilst dealing with blemishes. 

     As mentioned be sure to use overnight skincare, which will help to calm the skin down. Depending on the skin type and what kind of blemish you're trying to fight the choice of the right products obviously is going to vary. I'm not going to go into the anti-blemish skincare right now, I'll just mention what am I using just before applying the make-up. To start off with I begin with spraying Tea Tree Water (https://www.lush.co.uk/product/403/250g-Tea-Tree-Toner-Water)directly into my face, it's a great natural antiseptic, which calms affected skin down, then I go ahead and apply a thin layer of Effaclar Duo by La Roche-Posay (http://www.boots.com/en/La-Roche-Posay-Effaclar-Duo-40ml_1002787/), I really feel like it works on my skin, when it comes to fighting the spots. Once this dry out I'm ready for make-up! 

     Okay let's bring all the informations together: my skin is irritated, I have a spot battle happening on my forehead and a lot of redness around the face to top it off, what should I use to cover it without making it worse? Seeing as I'm having such a great conversation with myself I'll go ahead and answer it, I'd use something with light texture, dewy finish, very moisturising and packed with vitamins.. oh and something that won't break me out - has to be Bobbi Brown's Tinted Moisturising Balm (http://www.bobbibrown.co.uk/product/2566/7350/Skincare/EXTRA/Tinted/EXTRA-SPF-25-Tinted-Moisturizing-Balm/Award-Winner/index.tmpl), although it's not a product designed to fight blemishes, for me it works amazing! Once I've applied this with my clean fingertips I move right along to the concealer.

     To brighten up my under-eyes, corners of my eyes and lips and the bridge of the nose I've used Dream Lumi Touch by Meybelline (http://www.boots.com/en/Maybelline-Dream-Touch-Lumi-Concealer_1189607/). To cover up the worse "volcanoes" of the land named Forehead I've used the concealer I've featured in my latest favourites Revlon Photo Ready Concealer (http://www.boots.com/en/Revlon-PhotoReady-Concealer_1208678/).
    I only dot it ever so slightly to tone down the redness, there's nothing I can do about the texture of the spots, because naturally they're going to be bulging.
    Just to lock lock it all in I've used it literally the tiniest amount of powder ever, which I've applied on my t-zone, under the eyes and where I've applied concealer.

     Base = done. To give my skin some dimension and colour I've popped up a little bit Nars Multiple in Orgasm (http://www.narscosmetics.co.uk/color/cheeks/multi-use/the-multiple/orgasm) at the apples of my cheeks and added some Solar Powder by Soap&Glory for the contour (http://www.boots.com/en/Soap-Glory-8482-Solar-Powder-8482-Bronzo-9g_1238296/) finishing off with Benefit's High Beam on the bridge of my nose, cupid's bone and of course tops of the cheek bones (http://www.benefitcosmetics.co.uk/product/view/high-beam).

     If you're wondering what I've used and how I filled my eyebrows in read here: http://clooudylemonade.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/hd-brows-eye-and-brow-palette.html

     Then of course I've finished the rest of my eye-makeup as I normally would and applied lipstick (Mac Pure Zen http://clooudylemonade.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/mac-lipsticks-7-pure-zen.html) & lipgloss.

     Of course the most important point is to find foundation/ tinted moisturiser/ bb cream or any base really, which will be light, won't irritate your skin and which will provide you with desired coverage without making your skin feel heavy or look cakey. I'll be sure to hunt for more blemish friendly make-up products!
    Be sure to let me know in the comments section below what works best for you when it comes down to wearing make-up whilst dealing with break-outs.

    Cloud x

    Wednesday, 19 June 2013

    Mac Lipsticks #8 Costa Chic

     Thinking of what shade should I talk about next I though about colour, intense and bright also one, which would go with colourful eyes... It had to be Costa Chic.

     If you search for Costa Chic on Mac's webside straight away you'll be shocked with a swatch that's so wrong, eating noodles with fork seems to be more right. Swatch clearly represents a mauve shade of red, where Costa Chic is a light pinky shade of coral, so well done Mac for putting the little annotation, which said "frosty light coral".
    swatches in the sunlight: left straight from the bullet, right smudged 

    swatches in the shadow: left straight from the bullet, right smudged 

     This is the kind of shade that can only be pulled of on a sunny day, preferably with at least a little bit of tan or a hint of bronzer. It's very shimmery, but indeed still pigmented.

      Coming back to my first paragraph I paired Costa Chic with a simple winged eyeliner, a little bit of brown at the crease, hint of highlighter under the brow-bone and in the inner corner of the eye and... a pop of turquoise at the bottom lashline, which just pulled all the look together. I personally love this look, it's summery, fun yet doesn't make you look like a child, which is just playing with mum's make-up (we've all been there).

     I especially feel like ladies of colour would love Costa Chic, because medium/darker skin tones seem to be made to work with this particular lipstick, with that being said some bronzer for a sun-kissed glow would do the job for fairer (or ghostly white in my case) chics.

     Not forgetting to mention the finish: it's frost, but don't get all disappointed! This is quite of a special "frost " I have to say, unlike the others it's much more pigmented, and stays on for a lot longer. Without primers/lip-liners you're looking at about 3 hours of lasting power, and quite of  a pinky stain. For a frost it's a really good score!

    So, is Costa Chic going to be your summer go to lipstick?
    Let me know in the comments below!

    Cloud x

    May'13 Favourites

    It's June already, that's right Summer is just around the corner! Of course new month means a round up of all of the products I've enjoyed more than I though I would for the past month of May, so let's begin with MAKEUP!

    Surprisingly May has been a month of reaching for old forgotten products rather than trying out new things, which of course is still one of my favourite activities... EVER.

    Onto the products:
     This Works, Shimmer Balm. £10 (limited winter edition)
    I bought this little innocent tube of magnificence quite a while back, and back then I did not appreciate what it can do! Because it's been quite hot lately I have been reaching for cream products very often, this being a cream highlighter came in very handy giving me this fresh, wet almost look on the highpoints of my face!
    Unfortunately the silver version is limited edition, but there is a gold sister of this highlighter, which would look so beautiful on tanned skin or ladies of colour, you can find it here: http://www.thisworks.com/mobile/shimmer-balm.html
    Also read a full review I did just on this product here: http://clooudylemonade.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/thisworks-shimmer-balm.html
     Mary Kay, NouriShine Lip Gloss. £9 (Pink Sateen)
    I've never before tried any of the Mary Kay product, but this has made a great first impression! Usually I'm not that into lip glosses, they always seem to be too sticky and too difficult to wear. This lip gloss however is 100% stress-free, soft and creamy texture made this product very convenient to use for someone as fussy as myself. Not to add the great colour, which I loved pairing up with a nude lipstick, which I'll get to later on.
     Urban Decay, 24/7 Glide-on eye pencil. £14 (Rockstar)
    I personally don't think in this whole wide world exist a better eye pencil than the one Urban Decay makes.
    The reason I'm including this particular eye pencil in this listing isn't because of the great formula, it's purely the shade! Deep aubergine, almost black made a great substitute for a usual timeless black.
     Barry M, Dazzle Dust. £4.59 (31, Lavender)
    Last month I loved experimenting with layering different products and textures on my eyelids, Dazzle Dust in 31, lavender being a gorgeous pearly lavender colour made a great pair to my aubergine eye pencil I've mentioned previously. Also being great on it's own, or as a base shade to start building up from.
     Guerlain, Guerlain Terracotta Pearly Sun Powder (Africa Rythm)
    This little gem, has been in my makeup collection for so many years. my memory struggles to recall any information of me purchasing this to start off with. Google has nothing to say either, basically this is impossible to get hold of, however I just couldn't not include this powder in my favourites. Great red almost undertone, with rich warm shimmer, which I found great to contour with or just as a finishing powder for that a little more tanned look. In my case being a ghostly white person, I had to be very, very light handed with this full of pigment powder. I highly recommend checking out other Guerlain Terracotta powders, you won't be disappointed!
     Revlon, PhotoReady Concealer, £6.49 (Light, Medium)
    This was a such a random purchase for me, I went to Boots to buy something and ended up walking out with a concealer I've never heard about and most certainly did not need. I was in for a positive surprise! Oil-free formula, and SPF 20 was enough to convince me to buy this. Yet the product itself didn't just do a great job for my under eye circles, it was also fabulous to cover up any blemishes. Be sure to watch out for a full review on this product!
     Mac, Paint Pot. £14.50 (Éclair)
    If you've been around for a little while you might know, that I have popped up to Mac to check out their Baker's collection http://clooudylemonade.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/mac-paintpots.html, and of course I haven't left empty-handed. Éclair is such a great, universal and easy shade, it goes with everything and it stays put. What else to ask for on a busy day! If you're in the market for a great all around brown eye shadow, make sure to get your hands on it whilst you can!
     Philosophy, Divine Creamy Eye Colour Eyeshadow (Candlelight)
    As I've mentioned early I have been reaching for forgotten products, and rediscovering my love for them, one of those products was a creamy eyeshadow by Philosophy. Great smoky metallic shade, is amazing for a light grungy look or just as a base. It's such a shame this product has been discontinued.
    Read more here: http://clooudylemonade.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/philosophy-colorful-is-divine-eyeshadow.html
     Stilla, Lip Glaze (Holly)
    Every winter Stilla releases a set of travel size Lip Glazes in limited edition shades in a very great price! That's what I did last winter, and again I wasn't really reaching up for those much.. but then again busy days came and I needed a pop of colour fast and without fuss! Lip Glazes came on very handy, because they're like two in one colour and gloss. Easy and fast! Holy is a great warm shade of red, which I though looked great with variety of different looks!
    Read more here: http://clooudylemonade.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/stilla-lip-glaze-holiday-edition.html
     Revlon, Matte Lisptick. £7.49 (Mauve It Over)
    I mention I really enjoyed layering Mary Kay lip gloss didn't I? Well here's what I've layered it over.
    Mauve it over being one of my favourite matte lipsticks ever, being paired up with "Pink Sateen" took it to a totally new level. It's such an amazing toned down "your lips, but better" kind of lipstick, it's certainly an essential for every occasion. http://www.boots.com/en/Revlon-Matte-Lipstick_870980/

    Congratulations you've made it into the 2nd category! HAIR & SKIN CARE!
     Umberto Giannini, Glam Hair Morning After Dry Shampoo £5.61
    I though me and Batiste Dry Shampoos are forever, that nothing's ever going to change... I was so wrong. This has taken over in the Dry Shampoo department of my life, and well to me things are looking up quite serious. This doesn't just remove the oil from your hair making them look fresh, but also it also has this texture.. well the final effect really does reflect on the name! Highly recommended dry shampoo.
     Rich, Curl Enhancing Cream
    This has been one of the best discoveries in a REALLY long time. I have naturally curly hair, and to give my curls more even I've been trying out this new heatless curling technique (which I'll be sure to make a blogpost about soon) , and this enhancing cream has just been divine! My curls have never been so shiny and perfect before! I'm sold! I got this baby from TK MAXX, and you my friend needs this in your life!
     St Ives, Gentle Apricot Facial Scrub £4.29
    I love my scrubs, and the fact that this one is gentle enough to be used on daily basics makes it a whole lot better! Not forgetting to mention the lovely, fruity apricot scent, which leaves my skin smelling not just beautiful, but also feeling soft as well as clean. It comes in a variety of different kinds, for dry and oily skin!

    And last, but not least! RANDOM
    This month I have only one treat for you, but it's a big one!
    The Vintage Tea Party by Angel Adoree.
    I fell in love with this book. I've never had a tea party, and I'm not planing on making one, which basically defeats the object, because this book is a guide for: how to organise a successful tea party. Yet I still felt like walking out from the bookshop without this book would be a mistake. I think I got sold by the pictures and the gorgeous layout! None of the recipes included are vegan or even vegetarian friendly, so no luck in that either..  I still however think if you love vintage things, you'll love this book.. Even if you don't need it, like myself.

    That's the round up of all my may favourites! Hope you've enjoyed it.
    Cloud x

    Mini Shoe Haul Zara, Doc Martens, Top Shop

    Another little haul, because.. well, because why not?!

    I'll be begin with the shoes!

     My aim was to hunt down some amazing classic and comfy black heels and we all know that there's no better place for such request than Zara.. I decided to go for a classic heel in a form of sandals. They're made from suede-like material. I really love the thick strap at the front and around the ankle, because they provide my feet with a stable positioning. Also the chunky heel makes them very comfortable (I did check).
    Great price, goes with everything, can be dressed up or down and true to the size!
    Find it here:
    MID-HEEL SANDALS WITH ANKLE STRAP http://www.zara.com/uk/en/woman/shoes/mid-heel-sandals-with-ankle-strap-c358009p1171526.html £29.99, size 5

     This purchase wasn't planned at all, but when I saw this pair of Doc Martens.. I couldn't resist myself.
    If you think they're hideous, I don't blame you. I love the coral shade and an iconic platform. Believe it or not , but I do feel like these go with most of the things I own.. 
    I have no doubt that this might be my mist worn pair of shoes in Summer'13. 

     Well of course I had to pay a little visit to Top Shop.. and I didn't walk out empty-handed this beautiful flower crown has caught my attention straight away. I'm a massive hand of wearing light dresses, and this gorgeous flower accessory would compliment a lot of my favourite summer clothing pieces! I think I might come back and get another one... or two.
    Find it here: FULL DAISY FLORAL GARLAND http://www.topshop.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=1&viewAllFlag=&catalogId=33057&storeId=12556&productId=9989292&langId=-1&sort_field=Relevance&categoryId=208551&parent_categoryId=204484&pageSize=2000 £20

     And last, but not least a little addition to my make-up brushes.
    Expert Face Brush, I've already got one and I'm loving my life with this brush, so I got another one.. for company purposes. Highly recommended for all kinds of foundations, bb creams, tinted moisturises and base products! Find it here: REAL TECHNIQUES EXPERT BRUSH http://www.boots.com/en/Real-Techniques-Expert-Face-Brush_1277695/ £9.99

     Keep your eyes open for a make-up haul at the end of the week!

    Cloud x

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