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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Benefit's Hoola

 The title is pretty self-explanatory, probably your neighbor, their uncle and a local dog have heard about Benefit's iconic now Hoola bronzing powder. I got mine about 6-8 months ago, and well I feel I'm ready to give my thoughts on it! Hope you'll enjoy!

 To start of with I'm going to say that I'm a pretty fair person myself (I'm the shade Gobi in Nars' foundation) and the reason of me using a bronzing powder at the first place is to contour. I hardly ever go for the "sun-kissed" look. I embrace my paleness, but I do love a bit of "good contour".

 Shade-wise Hoola seems to be a colour, which works for a lot of skin tones, because of it's buildable tendency. I find it to be warm, but not orange. I feel like this particular bronzing powder works best if you're looking for a natural effect, if I'm going for a really dramatic contour this doesn't do the job for me anymore. 

I can see where the hype is coming from: beautiful texture, great shade, looks natural indeed and you only need ever so much for it to show up on your skin.. but is it worth the £23.50? Depending on your budget of course, but I really think it is. What makes it so different from DrugStore bronzing powders is the fact that it's matte, and even though it may seem like an irrelevant detail it does really matter, when you're looking for that natural contour.

 So I did think for a little bit and my verdict is... (moment of hesitation) 9 lemon points *ta da*

Great points:
Shade that suits a lot of skin tones,
Matte finish,
The powder is so mild it almost feels velvety,
Goes on like a dream,
Easy to blend,
Comes with a little brush that I'm actually really enjoying using,
Can be builded up,
Great for contour as well as for achieving the previously mentioned "sun-kissed" glow,
And it's satisfyingly pigmented, I've had this for quite a while now and hardly made a dent.

Not so fabulous points:
It gets absolutely lost on medium to dark skin tone (I've used this on my friend who's Filipino and it has no use for her, it just disappeared into her skin), so in my opinion Benefit could do with releasing another darker shade.

If you're interested in Hoola by benefit, you can find it here: http://www.benefitcosmetics.co.uk/product/view/hoola
(left) without, (right) with 

I'm guessing I'm quite sold to this! Although I'm yet to try Nars' Laguna, Kevin Acuoin Sculpting Powder, Mac's Harmony and Illamasqua's Hollow... there's too many!

Cloud x

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