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Sunday, 30 June 2013

DIY: Cute Makeup/Brush Pots

 I've never done a DIY post before, and my brush/ make-up holfers were due for an upgrade.. so why not combine the two together? I always HAVE to put my personal touch on literally everything, here's how I transformed honey-pots into a very usable make-up/brush holders... with GLITTER! Oh yes, glitter makes everything better.

 You'll need:
-Fairly big glass pots (or any other container of your choice) I've used honey pots from TK MAXX £2.99 each,
-Some kind of glass gems or little crystals (you'll need them to fill the bottoms of your jars) I've used pastry weights (that's right) from TK MAXX £3.99,
-Glitter (obviously) regardless of whatever you're using put glitter in it, it'll make everything better, I got mine form a crafts store £1.99.
-Ribbons (they're cute, you'll need those) mine is from a local crafts store £1,

 Okay so first of all what you'll want to do is fill the bottoms of your containers with your gems or whatever you're using and then add a FAIR amount of glitter, close the jar and shake it all up!
Then pop the ribbon on the top of the jar (what you could do is apply a little glue beforehand so the ribbon doesn't move).. and really you're done! The point is to make things that you though would never work, work! If your containers are made of glass you could also get those glass paints and make some cute flowers or so and stick those on the jars, I wouldn't recommend using nail-varnishes, because those would be a nightmare to get rid of once you'll get sick of the pattern.

 Would you like to see more of these? Please let me know in the comments below!

Cloud x

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