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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Empties #3

No.3 Emtpies post is here!

Someone asked me: why do I seem to be uploading these once a month, yet I don't name them monthly empties? The reason being is, because depending on the products it takes me longer/shorter than a month to finish them and my point is to keep the variety rather than show you what exactly I used up in that particular month. If I'd be doing that all you'd be seeing every month would be a load of shampoos, conditioners, Nivea creams and tooth pastes.. how deep.

As you know I'm keeping these in categories: Beauty, Hair & Body. I would have added nail category, but it takes me absolutely bloody years to finish a nail varnish. In fact I don't think I ever loved any so much I actually finished it, hmm..

This time I'll start with my most amazing and loved empty product, which is from the HAIR category.
Toni&Guy Shimmer Mist for all Brunettes. This stuff, OH MY! It's just flawless.
This is a finishing spray, which has a tiny shimmer particles in and it just makes your hair super soft and ever so slightly shimmery. The shimmer isn't visible, but it's light reflective and it just looks so beautiful. It also has some sort of brown pigment in this, so you are not left with any white residue. This is definitely not powdery and unlike dry shampoo you don't have to work it in. You just spray it on styled hair and you're ready to rock!
The key is not to use a lot, because I feel like it works a little like serum, and you most definitely can easily go over boat with this. I got this baby from TK MAXX a while back for £4.99, I did look at Boots and it's not there so I'm going to have to look up at Amazon, because I need this stuff!! Almost repurchased, recommended
Good old Amazon; http://www.amazon.co.uk/Toni-Guy-Shimmer-Brunettes-200ml/dp/B006BZ5IKA I've ordered another 2

Now it's FACE-time!
Nive original, yes.. again. I know, I know. I go through this stuff so, so damn quick. But I love it, it's amazing and I've honestly used some pretty ridiculously priced moisturising creams, and I keep coming back to this.
You can get this EVERYWHERE, no point even me linking you to thins.
Already repurchased, recommended

Lush Catastrophe Cosmetics fresh face mask, ya'll know I love my Lush fresh face masks and I just keep trying all the different ones. This time I got Catastrophe Cosmetics one, which has blueberries in it and it smells really pretty. What this mask is supposed to do is calm down and prevent any breakouts, I used it for the other reason and I must say it did a pretty good job. As well as helping with skin issues it also smooths and makes your skin feel super fresh. Big thumbs up from me! £5.95 Already repurchased a different Lush mask to try out, recommended

SKIN. This time I only have one skin product, which is Body Shop Watermelon Pasteque.
Basically watermelon body lotion.. and if you know me at least a little bit then you know that I'm ALL ABOUT WATERMELONS. This smelt so damn amazing, I could just sit and sniff it all day.
Made your skin feeling moisturised and smelling like watermelon, what more can you ask for?
Unfortunately this got discontinued, and I got this last bottle for free at work.

And last, but not least Make-up. I've managed to go through my Revlon Lip Butter in Berry-Smoothie.
Quite nice red-ish colour with a slight purple undertone. Goes very nice on your lips, has a pretty glossy finish and it doesn't dry out your lips! I'm going to do a separate blog-post on these so be sure to look out for that! I don't think I'll be repurchasing this particular shade again, because Revlon came out with so many amazing shades this season that I want to try them as soon as possible. Going to repurchase different shades, recommended

And thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat's it for my 3rd not empties post!
As always I hope you've enjoyed this, I'll be sure to keep linking you to most of products from now on!

Cloud x

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