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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Mac Lipsticks #6 Devil's Food

Today I decided to give you an inside to a shade at first I didn't though I'd like: Devil's Food (part of limited edition Baker's collection). The reason I wasn't sure about this colour at first it's because in the bullet it looked like a shimmery brown to me (what a combo), also it's a frost finish. I though: "Wow, shimmery brown in a frost finish. That's certainly something." However the sucker for names I am, I decided to buy it anyway.. and I certainly did not get disappointed!

Mac describes "Devil's Food" as "Glossy Deep Plum".. It's neither deep or plum, but definitely glossy. I'd describe this lipstick as shimmery burgundy with a hint of brown in a glossy finish.

I'm not going to lie personally Frost isn't my favourite finish. I feel like I already own so many dark shades in Amplified, Satin or Matte finish similar shade, but in a different finish  is a great addition to the collection.

I decided to pair it with a quite subtle smoky eye for which I've used nice pearly base and purple crease shade. Added some dramatic winged liner, and glitter in the inner corner.. and of course for the extra drama finished it off with a set of fake eyelashes just at the outer corner of my eyes.

Of course as a last paragraph I'm going to go into the more detail of the finish. Only issue with Frost finish is that you don't get the shade you see in the bullet on your lips, it goes much more sheerer and of course you can block it and reapply it, but that's not the point. On it's own it's a sheer, but oh certainly a beautiful glossy burgundy.

On the pictures I've used a little bit of lip liner for extra precision, because I felt like it was a little of a challenge to pull of a gloss finish without a lip liner. Also after wearing it for at least half an hour without a liner you might start to notice that it's beginning to sit on the around edges of your lips, and heavens forbid you ending up with such effect at an important event!
(on the left) intense swatch straight from the bullet. (on the right) same swatch, just smudged. 

Well here it is! Devil's Food, truly demonic shade with a lot of hassle to pull of!
Until next time, have a cloudylicious day!

Cloud x

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