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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Mac Lipsticks #7 Pure Zen

 I have to admit I've always been more drawn into bright, colorful lipstick, but I do own a bunch of nudes too. Today to balance things out a little, I'm going to introduce you to a lovely nude shade with what a calming and relaxing name: "Pure Zen".
For the purpose of keeping it all "au naturel" I went with simple, flawless base, rosy cheek, and brown all over eye shadow. I feel like strong smoky eye would be too much for this such light lipstick. 
(left swatch) straight from the bullet, (right swatch) smudged 

 As always I need to mention how accurate is Mac's description of the shade. In this case Pure Zen is described as "Frosted Warm Nude". Well wrong, because the formulation isn't just not frosted, but also not shimmery, what makes it very un-frost! The rest is more less accurate, although I feel like adjective "peachy" should be in the description, because that's what I think of (colour-wise) when I look at Pure Zen. Maybe not peach on it's own, but definitely pinky peach. Yes, pinky peach sounds about right.

 I do have to mention it's VERY LIGHT, and even I as a very fair person (I'm in shade "Gobi" in Nars foundations) find this to be sometimes too light to wear on it's own. The main purpose of "nude lip" isn't to wear a lipstick that's lighter than your skin tone, nude means your skin colour not lighter. I think with my complexion I could just about get away with it, but if I'd be going for a sun-kissed look I doubt I'd be as successful with wearing it, simply because of how of a light shade it is.

 I'd definitely say it's a great lipstick, which almost screams to apply a lip gloss on the top of it (for example Dior Lipgloss in "Ailée").

 Finish? It's a part of the CremeSheen collection, all CremeSheens tend to be nude and quite of toned down shades. CremeSheen is a formulation, which isn't really long lasting, those are the kinds of lipsticks you'd keep handy in order to reapply it during the day. 3-4 is I'd say the longest you'd get away with keeping it without reapplying (it won't survive lunchtime). I personally enjoy CremeSheens, they're lightweight, easy to wear, and have a lovely sheen to them, which isn't glossy, but just ever so slightly light.

Overall great shade, but bare in mind it is very light!

Love, Cloud x

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  1. Hey doll,

    I found your blog via a comment you left on my instagram. Awesome blog! I love Mac products and your hair looks really cool.

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