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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Mac Lipsticks #9 Tangerine Dream

 Knowing that "ALL ABOUT ORANGE" from, which I have purchased latest addition to my Mac Lipsticks Collection is a limited edition I decided not to hesitate and present you with swatches and a little review so that if you'd be interested you might be able to still get hold of this shade! Don't worry if it has sold out online, you're still very likely to be able to purchase this in Mac Store.

 I personally have a massive love affair with Orange lipsticks, it all began with Mac's Morange (http://clooudylemonade.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/mac-lipsticks-2-morange.html?q=morange), and Mac coming out with a collection "All about orange" was like a sign from heaven.

 When I went to the Mac store they're almost sold out leaving me with about the choice of two products I didn't like the lipgloss or whatever it was so I went ahead and purchased the "Tangerine Dream" lisptick with a very appealing name and an interesting shade.

 Tangerine Dream is very far shade-wise from Morange and certainly shouldn't be compared, yes they're both orange, but in such different ways! Tangerine Dream is an orange with a quite yellow under-tone and glossy finish. I paired this sheer shade with quite toned down, yet still colourful eye make-up. In the inner corners I've applied turquoise shade, which then transformed into dark lilac in the outer corners and of course some black liner to tie it all up together!

 You do need to apply it a couple of times in order to get the most pay off colour-wise, and I get the impression that if you're darker skin tone you'd really need a lipliner underneath it, otherwise it'd look like a yellow lipgloss. For more fairer tones however you can get away with wearing this without a lipliner, but I'd still recommend wearing one just so you can get more opaque colour. (On the pictures I wore just the lipstick without anything underneath so you can get the idea of how does the lipstick shows up on the skin).

 Tangerine Dream has a Lustre finish, hence its sheerness and glossiness. Because of those it's not AS pigmented as a matte finish would be, making totally unique and different.

 I really, really loved looking at other swatches of the lipsticks from the rest of the collection and I'm planning on making a little trip around Mac Stores on the hunt for the other colours. Wish me luck!

Cloud x

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