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Friday, 5 July 2013

The Festival Beauty Box, Selfridges

 You know when you get those emails with offers and exclusive events, oh yes I got one of those from Selfridges advertising this very mysterious looking box full of Summer/Festival Beauty essentials, the box that is supposed to be worth £110 (and it is, I've checked) is sold by £25.. well I said YES! And here's what I think about it!!

 I'm not 100% sure about what festivals (if any) I'm going to attend this summer, but "beauty survival kit" sounds quite convincing to me, because if there's anything what would keep me looking socially-acceptable  in the hot months of summer, I'm very up for that! Let's go through what you get in the box, shall we!

 So reading the details on the website I got most excited about the Sol de Janeiro Coconut Water Cooling Mist, which on it's own costs £13.99 and the Azature nail polish in Champagne, that costs shocking £17 if you'd want to purchase it separately, so just knowing I'd enjoy those two products purchasing the whole box that costs £25 seems like a very reasonable idea.

Moving right along you also get:
 Topshop lip crayon in Powder Room, (nice pastely pink, stays put for ages,but think the colour might be a little too light for my liking), £7
 Sol de Janeiro Coconut Water Cooling Mist 150ml (great, great product! smells divine and instantly refreshers you in the hottest of days without ruining your makeup), £13.99
 Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Navy (it's supposed to be everything-proof basically, well it's not, I easily washed it off just with warm water so straight away this doesn't live up to the promises, going right along its pretty much useless, almost unable to use, very hard to get any product out, almost hurts the eye whilst applying, by far worse product in the whole box), £10
 Coloursmash Hair Shadow (for me this was either hit ot miss, and I have to say it's certaily hit! I love it! Shows up great on my bleached ends and stays in for a good 24 hours), £10
Violent Lips Lip Appliques in Warm Rainbow (I'm not keen on these at all, I haven't opened this particular kind before, but I have used some in other kind in the past and I did not like it at all so I'll probably include this in my upcoming giveaway), £10
 Illamasqua Liquid Metal metallic cream in Surge (I was so positively surprised by this cream eyehsadow, it's super shiny and super pigmented! can't wait to do a party look with this), £10 (on sale on Illamasqua website)
 Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing Moxie lip gloss (great texture, cute colour, very opaque, but again it looks exactly like the TopShop's lip crayon making it too light in pink for my personal taste), £15
 Azature nail polish in Champagne (reallllllllllly pretty nail varnish in a quite impressive bottle, which apparently has been made with REAL black diamond, well it certainly shines like a mo-fo), £17
(accent nail shows the nail varnish in its own, the rest has been layered over Essies "Fear&Desire")
Cowshed anti-bacterial hand gel 50ml (right first of all the name contains my worse two nightmares cow+shed, I'm vegan and I fear sheds. Product wise however this gel or whatever it is smells like out-of-date milk with a sad amount of lime juice. I'm not a fan at all, the only thing I would agree on are the moisturising abilities) £7
 NPW mini scented hand & face wet wipes (smell lovely, do the job. I definitely wouldn't use the same wipe on my face and my hands, overall not bad) £1
 NPW chubby glitter stick (again product delivered to us by a company that produces useless items, we have beeswax with glitter quite literally, I'm not totally sure whether I'm going to use this at all, but if you dare looking like your crazy aunt on a New Years Party then go ahead and enjoy this doubtfully useful product), £5.95
Illamasqua complimentary eye colour consultation (last, but not least you're also given a card, which allows you to go ahead and get a consultation of how to use cream eyeshadow properly, as if you should need a card to do that anyway.. useless)

That's it! You do get quite a number of ridiculous products in here like that antibacterial cream, beeswax stick with glitter, two lip products in pretty much the same ridiculously pink shade and useless consultation, but as I said I did like 3 or 4 products so basically I got my money back.

Would I recommend this? If there's more than 2 products that you like then yes, because you get the rest pretty much extra, if you don't then it's probably not worth it.

 Will you be purchasing "the ultimate beauty box" from http://www.selfridges.com/en/Beauty/Categories/EXCLUSIVES/Festival-Beauty-Box_277-1000-FESTBOX/ ? Let me know below!

Cloud x

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