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Sunday, 14 July 2013

13th&14th of July OOTD

 It's been a lovely warm weekend, and I had a little birthday event to attempt to! Why not share it with you!

 You might recognise this picture I've posted on Instagram eating a cupcake and wearing the strapless dress,

it was birthday cupcake actually! My friend is really into finding alternatives to pretty much everything! To her birthday I wore this gorgeous floral dress from Vila and it's in size XS. It was gift I got quite  while back, so I'm really unsure whether toucans till get it. However I highly recommend the brand! They do plenty of super adorable dresses perfect for summer events! 

 I paired this lovely dress with some ballet pumps from River Island, I really love this neon peach colour they're in and the lovely crochet-like pattern! I got those in size 5, and they were £10 from the summer sale River Island is now having! I'll be doing a post on the haul I purchased from the River Island, so you'll definitely see those ballet pumps again! 

 The lovely red cardigan I'm wearing isfrom kids section in Zara, yes I fit kids clothes, don't judge. I actually have a few of those cardigans, they're the comfiest things ever! 
 To finish off I added my good, old, navy bag from TopShop with a lovely white bow! 
Oh and my hair is knotted! Not plaited ;)

 Sunday was more of a "read book, go shopping day". The theme for this outfit was "carelessly pulled together", just like my whole life. No.1 most worn piece of clothing obviously had to be a part of this - oversized shirt. I love those! In every shape, pattern and form! They just go with EVERYTHING, and make you look as if you'd have a full grip of your future. The one I'm wearing here is actually 2 years old and is from such a reliable supply of shirts, H&M and it's in size 8. Honestly if you need a good, classy shirt H&M is the place to go! 

 The shorts are the main long of the show! They're from once again River Island's sale, so I'll be featuring these in my upcoming haul too! They're this sort of corduroy material, without the stripes. I really loved the straight shape of those shorts, and they only had the one size left, which is size 10 one about my usual size, but they fit.. sort of. I've got a secret belt, but shh. Those were only £10, a bargain! 

 To accent this sophisticated look, I wore super classy yellow flip-flops from Roxy. I've had those for a while, and right now here yellow just on the outside edge. I got those for £12.99 from TK MAXX last summer, they have some amazing designs and colours every year. Those are in size 5 too. 

Spot the pop of colour on the waterline! Trying out bits and pieces of my upcoming drugstore haul, one word.. I'm in love! 

Hope you've enjoyed this little ootd!

Cloud x

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